Ways to Prepare for Wildfire Smoke

by Keppie Keplinger, Public Information Officer, Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue

Wildfire season typically runs from July through September and the National Weather Service shows this year’s season could last longer because of the warmer, dryer weather we have had. Now is the time to begin preparing for the possibility of wildfire smoke to invade Jefferson County in the coming weeks and months.

Creating a clean air space inside your home is the best way to get relief from wildfire smoke. More information can be found at epa.gov/indoor-air-quality-iaq/create-clean-room-protect-indoor-air-quality-during-wildfire.

You can also create your own low-cost air filter using a box fan and air filter to improve air quality in a single room in your home. For information on how to do it, see pscleanair.gov/525/DIY-Air-Filter.

Have several days of water, groceries, and family needs on hand so you  do not have to go out when  it is smoky. And  do not forget your pets. If the air quality is forecasted to be poor while  you are away from home, plan ahead to keep your pets inside or with a caregiver.

Wildfire smoke may increase the severity of symptoms for people with Covid-19. Individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 may be more vulnerable to wildfire smoke due to potential long-term damage from Covid-19 in the lungs.

If you have any questions about the services that Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue provides to the community, please  do not hesitate to call the office at 360-437-2236 or see our website at plfr.org.