Wanted: Port Ludlow Beekeepers

by Dave Morris, President, EJBA

East Jefferson Beekeepers Association (EJBA) is offering online Beginning Beekeeping classes beginning Saturday, March 13. Two narrated modules are posted each week for five weeks, with an optional hands-on apiary visit.

You work at your own pace and can submit questions on the site. The classes are free, but you must be a member of EJBA to participate. EJBA membership is only $24 for an individual or $36 for a family. Additional benefits include meetings, events, and mentoring. Each beginning beekeeper is assigned a mentor upon request. For more information and to sign up, visit ejbees.com/beekeeping-class/.

Port Ludlow has wonderful bee habitat but sadly, few beekeepers. There are colonies on Mats Mats Bay and near Shine but, to our knowledge, none in Port Ludlow. Think about teaming up with one of your neighbors to explore this fascinating endeavor. The classes are timed to conclude prior to the arrival of package bees near the end of April or early May.