Update from the Manager

by Brian Belmont, General Manager

Brian Belmont

Since the pandemic, LMC has not sponsored any in-person social events for our North Bay members. This is about to change. On Saturday, July 30, from 1 to 4 p.m. LMC will host a barbecue on the lawn for our LMC members.

The current plan is that we will be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, providing side dishes, chips, non-alcoholic beverages, and dessert. We will have picnic tables and benches set up on the lawn and Board members and staff will be handling the grilling responsibilities. There is no charge for this event. Our members just need to show up.

Before Covid, this was an annual event for LMC—so after three years, it is nice to finally be able to do this again. Since January of 2020, more than 20 percent of the North Bay properties have been sold. Our July 30 event is a great opportu- nity for members to welcome new members to our community as well as seeing old friends. Please join us!

On a different topic, the Beach Club has openings for full-time and part-time maintenance positions. If you are interested, send me your resume using the email address below.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this article or the on-going work at the Beach Club, I can be reached at a2112d|||plvoice|||org|||LMC Info

LMC Beach Club Website: https://lmcbeachclub.com/