Update from the Manager

by Brian Belmont, General Manager

Brian Belmont

On April 16 LMC held its 54 th Annual Membership Meeting. LMC has not held an “in person” Annual meeting since 2019, so we were pleased to have our members back in attendance this year. Due to article submission dead- lines, I’m not able to provide the meeting voting results here but our members can view them on LMC’s website LMCBeachClub.org. Following the Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees elected new Board officers which are also posted on our website https://lmcbeachclub.com/.

I want to thank the four Board members whose terms ended this year. Allan Kiesler has served on the Board of Trustees for six years, the last three as Board President. Teddy Clark is finishing her three-year term, but what many members may not know is that Teddy served previ- ously on the Board for six years, two of those years as our President. Sheila Brunstad completed her one-year term after volunteering to fill the position following a Board resignation. Tim Rensema stepped up and volunteered to serve in October of last year when the Board was faced with an unexpected resignation.

Thank you, Allan, Teddy, Sheila, and Tim, you have served your North Bay community well—enjoy your retirement! On Friday, May 20, we will open the outdoor pool for the season. I know many of our members are excited to be swimming outside again. The outdoor pool will remain open through September 30. Please visit our website to see hours of operation.

Last month I reported that LMC was looking at the possi- bility of conducting hybrid committee and Board meetings which we started doing in April. By hybrid, I mean that we are holding our meetings in person, but our members have the option of attending remotely, too, using the GoToMeeting application and the link that LMC sends to our members via email. There is still a learning curve for us, but overall, this has some real potential for LMC to provide our members another opportunity to feel engaged and connected with their homeowners’ association.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this article or the on-going work at the Beach Club, I can be reached at a2112d|||plvoice|||org|||LMC Info

LMC Beach Club Website: https://lmcbeachclub.com/