Update from the Manager

by Brian Belmont, General Manager

On July 30, LMC hosted a North Bay barbecue on the Beach Club lawn. This was the first social event that LMC had sponsored since early 2020, so I believe our members were excited about seeing old friends and meeting new neighbors. We estimated that we served nearly 300 guests. I believe that is record attendance for our barbecue event which we held every summer prior to the pandemic.

Many thanks to our LMC staff for planning and setup, and to our volunteers Debi Avery, Vaughn Bradshaw, Teddy Clark, Billie Fong, Joan Johnston, Allan Kiesler, Nancy Kiesler, Paul Maxwell, Sue Milner, Dana Nieminen, Mike Nilssen, Kathi Pugh, Jeff Sarantopulos, Carol Shamhart, and Cheryl Wheeler who helped make this such a successful event.

The LMC Board and the SBCA Board have both expressed interest in developing opportunities where members of both clubs can participate together as a means of building a stronger sense of Port Ludlow community. It has been decided as a starting point that a three-member ad-hoc committee representing LMC will work with a similar committee representing South Bay to come up with ideas for both Boards to consider.

After struggling for a few months, our LMC Maintenance department is again fully staffed. Joining our Maintenance Supervisor, Don Baker, is part-time worker Conner Hill, full-time worker Liam Wells, and full-time staff member Rebecca Doolittle. Everyone is doing well in getting up to speed, and I’m hopeful that this group will develop into a solid team.

One last thing, because I get asked this question quite a bit, the outdoor pool at the Beach Club will remain open through the end of September.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this article or the on-going work at the Beach Club, I can be reached at a2112d|||plvoice|||org|||LMC Info

LMC Beach Club Website: https://lmcbeachclub.com/