Trail Mix

by Larry Scott, Trails Chair


Last month I included a picture of the replacement posts being prepared for installment on the Interpretive Trail. This month’s picture is of the completed project with the old log boom chains passing through the timbers. This is reminiscent of the old log rafts the timber companies used for years to transport timber across the sound from the cutting areas to the mills.

As of this writing, Trails is preparing additional posts to replace aged and deteriorating posts in the lower area of the Interpretive Trail as well. Then it will begin to resurface the route with 3/4 minus rock funded by a grant from the Jefferson County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC).

Another item on our to-do list is prepping for the Volkswalk that is coming to Port Ludlow again this year in August. We always want to put our best boot forward for our guests from out of town and in some cases out of country. The route this year will be different than last year, so this Volkswalk will show another small element of our many miles of home-grown community trails.

Preparation will include the mowing that always becomes necessary on some of our sunny trails depending on when (or if) it stops raining and warms up enough for the grass to grow. Then we’ll be going off to develop our new McCormick Rail Road Trail. Our plate is full on the horizon

It’s enjoyable to get something done outside with a group of like-minded neighbors and promote local hiking for health and enjoyment. It’s good to receiving positive feedback from the greater community too.

Recently we’ve added more neighbors to our volunteer group. If you would like to join too, you can reach me at a2203b|||plvoice|||org|||subject

“Let’s Keep Improving Our Trails.”