Trail Mix

by Larry Scott, Trails Chair

Timberton Traditional
McCormick Loop Trail
Widening and Clearing

before Before
before After

As I write this article on April 3 for the May edition of the Voice, it is snowing very heavily at my home. This kind of snow in April is just not right. It was so heavy in fact that I had to cancel our full crew Fun Day effort.

These Fun Days are something we have been doing almost daily since the middle of March. We have finally started on the long-announced McCormick Loop which will connect to the historical McCormick Rail Trail. With some of our other small projects completed and still others on lower priority, we will be putting most of our focus on developing the McCormick trails.

Access to the McCormick Loop segment will be from the Timberton Traditional Trail, so we began there to clear and widen the trail.

Above are before and after pics of that effort. We have a great cadre of old and new volunteers who are stepping up and having a good time while accomplishing something positive for the community.

If you would like to help develop this new trail, too, just send me an email at a2203b|||plvoice|||org|||Trails Info .

“Let’s Keep Improving our Trails.”

Photos by Larry Scott