Trail Mix

by Larry Scott, Trails Chair

HELP WANTED! Isn’t that what you see in so many windows and/or newspapers these days following the big Covid layoff? Well, Trails is going to join in on the current mania. We need to fill two positions: Secretary & Treasurer.

We need a scribe/ recorder/secretary (your choice) to attend a once-a-month meeting either in person or by Zoom. The job is what you would expect—take notes following an agenda and put together a summary report afterwards. This report gets filed away in record keeping by the PLVC. Our former secretary, Erin Anderson, did a good job, but her work was starting to conflict now that Covid has waned.

The second position is treasurer and that is straightforward as well. It is keeping the books for money in and money spent, with reimbursable check-writing capabilities. It is also a once-a-month meeting. Gary Hicks has had the job for a couple years and is moving on to other adventures, so we need a replacement.

So, this month, instead of soliciting for field volunteers, I am looking for office staffers/committee members with voting rights. If you think you can help in either of those capacities, reach out to me. I must tell you that the pay is not good (read that as “no pay”) but the feeling of volunteering and contributing to and for the community is rewarding.

So, what has Trails been up to since the last Trail Mix article?

  • Well, we have set the David Gurnee-donated cedar arbor that I referred to in the last Voice issue. It is now permanently in place at the entrance to the Interpretive Trail.
  • Secondly, we have replaced both log crossings at the Beaver Dam Loop along the Timberton Loop. The Timberton Loop also has a new/replacement bench at the trailhead.
  • Thirdly, Montgomery Loop has a new rock surface between Condon Lane and Libby Court.
  • Fourthly, and last for this issue, after a multiyear approval wait, the Beach Loop now has steps on either side of the promontory point that always needed to be crossed during high tides. We put these steps in place using only the rubble debris and natural rocks already there – no other materials were imported.

If you would like to help as either a committee board member or as a hands-on worker bee, give me a shout at a2203b|||plvoice|||org|||subject.

“Let’s Keep Improving our Trails” is our motto.