The Ryder Cup comes to Port Ludlow

by Tim Propeck, Sports Editor

The Port Ludlow Men’s Golf Association (PLMGA) completed a tournament in July modeled after the Ryder Cup played by a team from the United States against a team from Europe. It is played every two years and the location cycles between courses in the US and Europe. Players in the tournament are selected by their team captains based on the player’s performance in tour events.

The first modification used by the PLMGA was to invite all the members who were interested in playing to sign up for the three-round tournament. The team captains were the club Pro’s, Adam Borrows and Tyler Sweet. The captains went through a selection process where they took turns selecting players for their team. Once the teams were selected, the captains were also responsible for pairings against their opponents for each round.

The formats for the three events, held on July 14, July 16, and July 19 were different each day, including team play, match play, alternating shots, and stroke play. The captains also varied the pairings for each event.

When the dust settled after the last round, the team headed up by Adam Borrows was the overall winner. Congratulations to the team members for persevering over three rounds of golf.

I am sure we will see a return of this tournament next year.