Meet your Firefighters

by Ron Dawson, Contributing Writer

Brennan Whiting
firefighter and paramedic

Meet Brennan Whiting, firefighter and paramedic, at Port Ludlow Fire and Rescue. He has been in the fire service for seven years and has been at Port Ludlow for nearly four years. When asked about the difference between an EMT and a paramedic, Brennan said that an EMT handles Basic Life Support, but a paramedic, due to having completed advanced training, as Brennan did at Central Washington University for a year, can handle Advanced Life Support. Those skills include procedures like administering IVs, intubation, medications, breathing support, pain management, cardiac management and understanding cardiac rhythms, and many other situations. The year of training included spending time in hospital emergency rooms, doing hospital patient support, and ride alongs with the local fire department.

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