by Mary Ronen, Staff Writer

As I am writing this, it looks like spring is just around the corner. Oh, sure, it is still pretty chilly, but the sun is shining! We survived getting through daylight saving time, and now can be out a little later without having to drive in the dark. Easter is coming up soon as well, and that always signals spring for me.

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Jefferson County Library District News & Events

Library District Unveils New Hagen Building 

The Library District is excited to celebrate the completion of our new Hagen Building, an expanded mobile services project named in honor of former Library Trustee Tom Hagen. All are invited to a ribbon cutting on Saturday, April 8, from 3 – 4 p.m. The celebration will include a tour of the new building, refreshments, and music from the Unexpected Brass Band. Don’t miss the fun! 

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Financial Focus – Can You Count on Social Security?

by Rick Smith, Guest Writer and Financial Advisor

If you’re getting closer to retirement, you might be thinking more about Social Security. Can you count on it to contribute part of the income you’ll need as a retiree?

There’s been a lot of talk about Social Security’s potential financial troubles in the future, but because Social Security is a highly popular program, it’s likely lawmakers will find a way to keep its funding intact.

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My Travel Addiction

by Melissa Rosaaen, Guest Writer

It all started as a fluke. I was bored and slightly depressed. It was 2017 and my husband and I were living in Bangkok, Thailand. I was working in an international school while my husband worked remotely. Rick was returning to the United States for a month to assist our adult son with surgery aftercare, and a colleague asked if I’d be interested in watching a cat, Hickory, for a few days. I could stay in a luxury apartment in downtown Bangkok, for free. Just feed the cat and change the kitty box. Why not?

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KCTS Presents REDD by Kat Agudo

REDD is a magical retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, adapted with the setting of Spanish-Colonial Philippines. The tale follows Rue, a mysterious orphan who is a trapped Princess, betrothed to a Spanish Viceroyal Huntsman in the sheltered town of Intramuros, Manila. Rue is then accompanied by their spirit guide, Rin, who has protected her bloodline for centuries as a means to escape. Rue and Rin journey to Grandmother’s house, who introduces the magic which has been dormant within Rue until this moment—her 18th birthday. What follows is a magical battle fueled by the sacrifice of Rue’s ancestors and a chance

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