Space for Bicyclists

by John Sweet, Guest Writer

Spring is here and bicyclists are on the roads around Port Ludlow and East Jefferson County. This area attracts bicyclists including local riders and many who pass through the area on self-supported tours.

According to the Washington Driver Guide, “The safety of bicycle riders on the road is the responsibility shared by both motorists and cyclists. All bicyclists have the same rights, duties, and responsibilities of a motor vehicle driver. Every year, over 38,000 bicyclists are killed or injured in the United States. If motorists and cyclists understand and obey the state laws, it will help make the roads safer for everyone.”

Among the numerous laws cited in the Driver Guide that is of most interest to cyclists is the one stating to “Allow at least three feet of space when overtaking or passing a bicycle.” Also, motorists can cross the yellow line, if the way is clear, to allow for the three feet.

We cyclists appreciate it when vehicles give us a lot of space when passing, especially on Oak Bay and Paradise Bay Roads where there is very little shoulder.

Let’s have a safe bicycling season.