South Bay Community Association Update

by Gil Skinner, President, SBCA Board of Directors

Last month I noted that the new Board was busy setting priorities and looking ahead. What I failed to do, but will do now, is introduce the new 2022-2023 SBCA Board of Directors and its officers.

Board of Directors

  • Joe Guillien, Vice President
  • Dave Jurca, Member at large
  • Peggy Ponto, Secretary
  • Gil Skinner, President
  • Christine Spagle, Treasurer
  • Peggy Thuotte, Member at large

Note: as of this writing the Board is still sorting out the seventh position. To catch everyone up, at the Annual Meeting in addition to the three candidates on the ballot (all of whom were elected) we had seven write-in candidates, all of whom received one vote. This was an interesting dilemma which was somewhat resolved after five candidates decided to withdraw. Hopefully the seventh position will be filled soon.

SBCA Important Dates

  • Monthly Board Meeting
    Thursday, September 8, 9:30 a.m.
  • Unless there are changes to county requirements, meetings are in person. All SBCA members are welcome
  • To keep informed of meeting dates and times, please visit:
  • Committee Meeting minutes are posted at, then click on Board Minutes Page

Turning to activities — we are planning on having a great year with lots of events for members.

Continuing our efforts to have some informational events as well as fun events, in August we had a lecture provided by staff from Jefferson Healthcare on the topic of “osteoporosis.” We currently have two more Jefferson Healthcare events in September:

  — “Degenerative Joint Pain” on September 7 and
  — “Maintaining a Healthy Pelvic Floor” on September 27.

I have found the lectures informative and the speakers very willing to respond to audience issues. Let’s continue the fine turnouts and be sure to thank our speakers for giving us their valuable time. By the way, we are still looking for some other “cerebral” areas of lectures for our members so send your ideas on to the Bay Club.

As we discussed at the annual meeting, the Board is moving forward on the roof replacement and, according to our contractor, work should be starting next spring. When finished it will complete the total redo of the exterior of the building. (We replaced the siding and the windows in 2017.) The really good news for members is that this project is currently targeted for completion using our reserve funds and if necessary, some monies from our “rainy day” fund. No special assessment is anticipated! Great financial management from our past Finance Committees and Boards.

Operationally, one area looking forward, the Board is hoping to improve the Gazebo and the Gazebo trail. The Gazebo is one of our “little jewels” and we want to encourage our members to walk the trail and spend time relaxing at the Gazebo. Last year when we had an arborist out to survey trees on the Bay Club property, he was astonished by the number and quality of the different varieties of trees in the Gazebo area.

So lots to do and we are always looking for member participation. If up until now you have not been able to be involved for any number of reasons, we ask that you reconsider. Ways to be involved include: signing up to be an on-call volunteer (call the Bay Club at 360-437-2208), coming to Committee meetings (see the Bay Club calendar for times and dates), coming to Board meetings at 9:30 a.m. on the second Thursday of each month, or trying out the member social on the second Friday of the month. Hey, this is a great community made better by your involvement. Join in and have fun!