South Bay Community Association Update

by Gil Skinner, President, SBCA Board of Directors

Lots of things are going on at the Bay Club. I want to start th is article by acknowledging our members who have volunteered at so many events. Thank you! Some were members of our Activities Committee, some were from the Health and Fitness Committee and some just signed up and pitched in. THANK YOU all. I also want to thank our other volunteers who are members of our Facilities, Finance, Communications and Human Resources Committees. These are the people who regularly give of their time and energy to help make the SBCA the very best place possible to live! Please come join us and help lighten the load. Committees and events are great places to meet and make new friends.

Speaking of new people the SBCA sponsored two very successful New Member Orientation programs in late March. Our wonderful GM Mark Torres developed a very nice PowerPoint presentation and the Activities Committee assembled a folder full of informative information. After the presentations the new members were given a tour of the building. Lastly, our Health and Fitness Committee did a nice job of explaining all the great equipment we have available in our fitness area. There are plans being discussed to do at least one more New Member Orientation session, and this event will be in the evening. At the April Pancake Breakfast, we solicited feedback from attendees. The feedback provided in both written form and verbally was extremely positive. One person’s comments seem to sum up the feedback: “Love the breakfasts. Love to support community groups.”

A sad note was the goodbye to two great SBCA members who were also wonderful volunteers. Tony and Cynthia Durham are moving back east to be with family and graciously made our breakfast their last big Port Ludlow event. Tony and Cynthia, we wish you well and will miss you.

On April 15 the Health and Fitness Committee sponsored Dr. Michael Haberpointner and Dr. Bailey O’Hotto for a program on how to use all the various exercise equipment available at the Club. In addition, there are a number of future talks scheduled or being proposed on health and fitness. This month’s program on Thursday, May 19 is “I’ve fallen, and I CAN get up” presented by Tim Vegan, MS, CSCS, FMS2. This is a tremendously important subject and among the topics being addressed are: reasons people fall, fall risk indicators, how to fall to reduce injury, and how to get up. Please contact the Bay Club to register. As an added benefit to the community, the SBCA is opening this program to our friends in LMC.

Finally, SBCA will be holding a special vote in May via mail-in ballot on whether to amend the SBCA Master Declaration to provide that vacant lots are subject to the same dues as lots with houses on them. We hope you will vote, and that you will vote to approve the amendment. Amending the Master Declaration requires approval from 75% of all SBCA members, not just of those who vote. Because the vote will be by mail-in ballot without the necessity of attending a meeting, we hope more people will vote on this important amendment.

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