South Bay Community Association Update

Heather Ullman Heather Ullman
by Gil Skinner, President, SBCA Board of Directors

Japanese Exclusion Memorial,
SBCA Bylaws,
Members Survey and
Heather Ullman Retires.

Japanese Exclusion Memorial

First, I want to make a pitch for people to visit the Japanese Exclusion Memorial on Bainbridge Island. I visited this Memorial after reading about it in an article in the Seattle Times. I found this to be a very moving experience and yet oddly comforting in that we as a people were able to recognize an injustice, apologize for it, and hopefully learn to “never let it happen again.” Words we should all remember in these turbulent times. We have made it through some rough waters before. Let’s continue to support each other, stay kind, and remember that freedom comes with civic responsibility.

Take the Time to Vote — SBCA Bylaws

Speaking of civic responsibility, nothing is more important than to be involved and take time to vote on issues affecting your community. In last month’s column I mentioned that the SBCA Board was going to be seeking input from members on a variety of issues. The first of those issues is about amending our By Laws to reflect the more accessible meeting and voting options provided by recent legislative amendments to the HOA statute, RCW 64.38. Adding the suggested language to our Bylaws will make it easier for members to meet “virtually” (electronically) and to vote. So, one way to make your voice heard is to vote YES on the proposed Bylaws change, which will make it even easier to get your voice heard in the future. Materials were mailed to all SBCA members in early October, and we have a Special Meeting of Members scheduled on November 10 for the purpose of voting on the By Laws amendment. Please help everyone in the SBCA by voting on this very important issue. 

Let Your Voice Be Heard — Members Survey

During November we’ll also be seeking more input via a survey of the members. This survey will be two parts, with the first seeking help from our members in identifying long range planning ideas. The second part will be focused on near-term items that hopefully will draw members to use the Club more often. Please watch your email for this survey and fill it out when it arrives. We want to make the Bay Club useful and welcoming to all our members.

A Fond Farewell — Heather Ullman Retires

Finally, a very sad note for our SBCA members, but alternatively a cheerful note for Heather Ullman who has decided to retire. Heather managed membership records, greeted members, and provided a ready smile and listening ear for over 20 years at the front desk of the Bay Club. Heather was always there to help and create a positive impression. We will miss her greatly but do wish Heather the very best and offer a big THANK YOU for her years of service.