South Bay Community Association (SBCA) Update

by Bartholomew Clark, SBCA President

SBCA Launches New Website

Our new website was designed by Tom Sprandel, Vice President and Chair of the Communications Committee. Although Tom has decided not to seek reelection to his current Board position, he has generously offered to remain on the SBCA Communications Committee and to maintain and update the website after his Board term has ended. Thank you, Tom!

Although the old website has been deactivated, if someone enters the old URL they automatically will be taken to the new site. Because it was decided that SBCA would no longer host Village websites, Tom has worked closely with the individual villages to assist them in transitioning to their own websites, independent of the SBCA’s. Tom notes to SBCA’s Villages that the SBCA’s Communications Committee stands ready to help them. Contact the Communications Committee at: We can update your info, link your website, set up an email forwarder, help you set up your own independent website if desired, and publish your CC&R’s on the SBCA’s Document Repository.

Upcoming SBCA Annual Meeting

The SBCA Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 21 at 3:00 p.m. via internet and telephone connections at and 339-209-6193. As handled last year, voting on the election of directors or other potential ballot issues will occur via proxy ballots mailed to or dropped off at the Bay Club drop box. Full details regarding voting procedures and the deadline for submission of proxy ballots will be provided in Annual Meeting packets mailed to SBCA members. Also, check the new SBCA website,, for Annual Meeting information and updates, or send your questions in an email to

As of the April 30 deadline for submission of nominations for the three open director positions on the Board, six SBCA members have been nominated; in alphabetical order they are:

  • Bruce Birch
  • Bartholomew Clark
  • Janet DeDonato
  • Joe Guillien
  • Bert Loomis
  • Gil Skinner

All members are encouraged to participate in the Annual Meeting, election of directors to serve on the Board, and voting on any other potential ballot issues. Everyone’s voice should be heard.