South Bay Community Association (SBCA) Update

by Bartholomew Clark, SBCA President

Upcoming SBCA Annual Meeting – Date of Meeting Changed to July 28, 2021

The SBCA Annual Meeting will take place on Wednesday, July 28, at 3:00 p.m. via internet and telephone connections and 339-209-6193. As handled last year, voting on the election of directors or other potential ballot issues will occur via proxy instructions (the functional equivalent of ballots) mailed to or dropped off at the Bay Club drop box.

Full details regarding voting procedures and the deadline for submission of proxy ballots will be provided in Annual Meeting packets mailed to SBCA members. Also, check the new SBCA website for Annual Meeting information and updates or send your questions in an email to

There are four candidates for the three open director positions on the Board; in alphabetical order they are:

  • Janet DeDonato
  • Joe Guillien
  • Bert Loomis
  • Gil Skinner

Current members Bruce Birch, Secretary; Bartholomew Clark, President; and Tom Sprandel, Vice-President are not seeking re-election. Director Dick Grieves has decided to resign from the Board with one year remaining on his term effective July 28, 2021. The new Board will appoint a person to replace Dick for the remainder of his term. We all thank him for his service this past year. All members are encouraged to participate in the Annual Meeting, in the election of Directors to serve on the Board, and in voting on any other potential ballot issues. Everyone’s voice should be heard.

Members to Vote on a Proposed Amendment to the SBCA Master Declaration

Currently, the SBCA Master Declaration (MD) provides membership privileges to owners of vacant SBCA lots without charging membership dues. The change the Board is recommending to the membership will amend the SBCA MD to require owners of unimproved, i.e., vacant, lots to pay the same dues that homeowner members pay. The Board views this change as only fair to our dues-paying members and is consistent with the way our neighbors in the LMC North Bay community association handle the dues issue for owners of vacant lots. Approval of an amendment to the SBCA MD requires a vote to approve by 75% of the entire membership, not just 75% of a quorum. So, please be sure to vote on this important issue included in your SBCA Annual Meeting packet. We hope that this improvement in revenue will help SBCA keep any future dues increases to a minimum.