SBCA Update and the 2020 – 2021 SBCA Year in Review

by Bartholomew Clark, SBCA President (July 15, 2020 – July 28, 2021)

Board Activity

Beginning with last year’s Annual Meeting, ending with our 2021 Meeting, and barring the possibility of yet another Special Meeting between the time of this writing and our 2021 Annual Meeting, the Board will have convened for a total of twenty-seven Regular and Special meetings. Much was accomplished during this difficult year despite constantly changing circumstances, pandemic-induced and otherwise.

Improvements and Repairs Made to the Bay Club

  • Installation of a new, energy-efficient HVAC system and converting lighting systems to LEDs. The increased efficiency is predicted to provide a return on investment that will cover the entire expense of these upgrades in about seven years. It is expected that energy savings provided by the HVAC and lighting systems will be 30 percent per year or about $800,000 over the next 15 to 20 years. Further, the air quality inside the Club is now cleaner and safer due to improved filtration, carbon dioxide sensors, and “air scrubbers.”
  • Resurfacing the swimming pool without inconvenience to members due to the Club’s closure.
  • Also, without inconveniencing our members, the Bay Club’s parking lots and entry road were resealed and restriped while not in use.
  • New flooring was installed in offices, the cardroom, and the classroom.
  • Touchless faucets and soap dispensers were installed in Club restrooms.
  • Vice-President and Communications Committee Chair Tom Sprandel generously donated his talents in designing, bringing online and maintaining the SBCA’s new user-friendly member website SBCA.CLUB
  • Happily, the SBCA had the good fortune to retain most of our staff furloughed during the pandemic closure. Welcome back!
  • Thanks to the generosity of SBCA members, fundraising support of the Tri-Area Food Bank and other local charities continued during the current pandemic; over $10,000 was donated during the past year.

Usual and Unusual Challenges Over the Past Year

Issues ranged from responding to and ruling on disputes between members involving ARC and other typical issues, to dealing with ongoing and mercurial changes brought about by the pandemic. The Board spent a tremendous amount of time dealing with violations of our CC&Rs that involved levying fines and interest, incurring substantial legal fees, and ultimately filing a lawsuit and a property lien for noncompliance. Thanks to the excellent work of our legal counsel and diligence of the Board, the Association prevailed successfully in these matters and recovered funds in excess of our legal fees.

In dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to make some difficult, and sometimes unpopular, decisions in doing our best to protect the physical health of our members and the fiscal health of our Association. Not the least of challenges in this regard was the constant evolution of public health recommendations and guidelines. As SBCA enters a new year, I wish our membership and our newly constituted Board the best of good fortune in navigating the year to come. I hope it won’t be as challenging as the year just completed. When it comes to serving on the Board, it’s the mileage not the years that generates one’s personal wear and tear. Stay safe, everyone.