SBCA Update – Addressing Member Comments Calling for Reopening the Bay Club and Three Board Seats Up for Election in July 2021

by Bartholomew Clark, SBCA President

Recent Comments from SBCA Members in Response to March SBCA Update

Comment: The number of Covid-19 cases has been overstated according to the CDC and many deaths have been attributed to the virus that were known to be of other causes.
Response: Many victims of Covid-19 experienced severe blood clotting disorders involving thousands of micro-clots. These can lead to cardiac arrest and/or failure of other major organs. If a perfectly healthy individual has a heart attack caused by Covid-19-induced blood clots, one could split hairs, and claim the heart attack as cause of death instead of Covid-19. This sort of obfuscation has been used by some to fudge the data and claim lower than actual Covid-19 infection rates. Yet, but for the Covid-19 infection the heart attacks would not have occurred in such situations. Most medical experts who have commented on the subject have opined that the number of deaths in the U.S. caused by Covid-19 has been understated rather than overstated.

Comment: In my opinion, your paragraph of drastic actions required to maintain a clean facility when used by a limited number of people is overstated. Your three requirements that must be met by members seeking access to the Club are excessive and unnecessary: 1. Taking temperatures, 2. requiring masks (that are not effective), and 3. requiring written proof of vaccination…(which) is outrageous and may be illegal.

Response: One at a time. Taking temperatures is a reasonable screening technique. Masks are effective in preventing spread. Public Health experts have known this for well over a hundred years. Example: On October 24, 1918, San Francisco enacted an ordinance requiring mandatory mask-wearing by every person in San Francisco to prevent the spread of the influenza epidemic. Violators incurred fines of $5 to $100 (about $85 to $1,700 in today’s dollars) or ten days imprisonment or both. As for requiring proof of vaccination as a condition for entry, the Bay Club is a private facility and can probably require prudent safety precautions as it deems necessary. However, the Board may decide to seek legal advice about this.

SBCA Board Openings:  Deadline to Submit Letter of Interest and Brief Bio Sketch is April 30, 2021

Once again it is time to plan for election to our Board of Directors. This year we will have three seats open for election. The following are Board members whose terms expire on the day of the Annual Meeting, July 21, 2021:  Bruce Birch, Bartholomew Clark, and Tom Sprandel. Board members remaining are Dick Grieves, Dave Jurca, Christine Spagle and Bill Wight.

If you are interested in running for the Board the only qualification to run is that you be an SBCA member (lot owner). A commitment to serve on the Board entails:

  • Attending the regular Board meeting each month (while rare, there are special Board meetings on occasion).
  • Attending one workshop per month.
  • Being assigned to serve on at least one or two committees. Board members are expected to attend their committee meetings, typically held once per month.
  • Attending other committee meetings to keep abreast of issues that may come before the Board.
  • Attending Bay Club events once we reopen.

Being on the Board is a great opportunity to serve your community. I must emphasize, though, that volunteering to be on the Board is a commitment to more work than one may imagine, especially in Officer positions. Less than a year of being President during the Covid-19 pandemic has felt like two years. As of March 2021, the Board has met a total of 16 times since and including the July 2020 Annual meeting. Unexpected exigent circumstances can present the Board with a duty to call a special meeting from time to time.

If you are interested in running for an open position please send a short, one-half page, bio sketch to Mark Torres at the Bay Club by April 30. You can drop it off for GM Mark Torres at the Bay Club drop box or email it to him at

Thank you for considering serving as a member of the SBCA Board of Directors.

SBCA Important Dates

Monthly Board Meeting

Friday, April 9, 9:30 a.m.

Plans are for a virtual meeting.

To join by phone, dial 339-209-6193.

All SBCA members are welcome.

Committee Meetings

All committee meetings are held virtually.

To keep informed of meeting dates and times,

please visit

Meeting minutes are posted at

under Association Business.