South Bay Community Association Update

by Gil Skinner, President, SBCA Board of Directors

Difficult to believe it is May already. Definitely time to put in your application to be a new Board member for SBCA. Recently, I was spending some time at the Bay Club Lounge talking with Dan Quail. Dan was SBCA Treasurer during my first and second years as SBCA president when we had a special assessment to redo the exterior of the Club. What a great guy to be treasurer at that time. He watched the money like a hawk watches a bunny in the middle of an open field. No chance any money was going to get away from its allotted destination! I mention this because Dan asked about candidates for the upcoming Board. He shook his head as we discussed 600 lots with one to two people per lot and the difficulty to fill seven Board positions. Dan equated it to the military. You step up and do your two to four years and then get to really retire. We need more Dan Quails—sense of duty, fulfilling the duty, and moving on. In the spirit of Dan, I hope to see your letter of intent coming soon.

We had two town halls since the last Voice issue.

On March 30 we had a town hall on enhancing the back area of the Club. Approximately 40 people were in attendance and our GM carefully explained the proposed enhancements. The proposal prepared by the Facilities Committee and approved by the Finance committee contained three parts: remediate the lawn area in the back of the Club by redoing foundation for the sod and improving drainage. This must be done if we want to maximize usage of this great space. The second part was to increase the patio area by the auditorium by removing the wall and hedge, thereby increasing the patio area for outdoor events and for viewing the bay (and enhancing the opportunities for additional rental revenue). The final part had to do with increasing the patio area around the pool to allow for open sliding doors thereby giving a closer to outdoor pool “experience.” When the audience was asked at the end of the presentation how many would be supportive, it was an approximately 90% positive response, particularly after hearing the modest estimated costs. To do the things described briefly above would require a special assessment of approximately $240 per lot. Board considerations on how to move forward are on-going.

The second town hall had to do with whether the SBCA should continue with the lease with PLA for the tennis courts. Both the Facilities and Finance committees recommended (unanimously) that the lease be dropped. Our GM, Mark Torres, led members through the history of the lease, the current problems with the space, and the looming expenses required to maintain the courts. The big issues are as follows: we do not own the tennis courts, we cannot control the land around the courts which is causing court upheaval and blackberry and other encroachment and maintenance issues, and problems with parking and access. Alternative ways to make tennis available to SBCA members are being considered.

Finally, I want to recognize another of our long-time employees, Melinie Perry. Many of you know her from her smiling face at the Reception Desk as you enter the Bay Club. Melinie is always helpful and keeps the best interests of SBCA members in mind. She has recently been promoted to a new position where she works more closely with the GM to plan and coordinate events while still providing service to our members. Melinie is also a very accomplished artist who specializes in painting scenes and people from her beloved Hawaii. Stop in her office and say hi while admiring her very nice paintings on the wall.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and get in that letter of intent to run for the Board.