South Bay Community Association Update

by Gil Skinner, President, SBCA Board of Directors

The SBCA Board has its seventh member, Randy Edwards. He was appointed in August to fill the remaining open seat on the Board. If you remember, at the annual meeting in July we had seven write-in candidates for the last open seat with one vote each. Five of the seven write-in candidates withdrew from consideration. We selected one of the remaining two by lot to fill the position, but that person resigned due to time commitments. We then appointed the last write-in candidate, Randy, in August to fill that seat on the Board. Randy is a fine addition to the Board and brings many notable skills and experiences. He is a soon-to-be retired Captain of the Seattle Fire Department, and we welcome him to the Board.

One additional thing I want to mention about Randy is his enthusiasm about volunteering his time in service to his community. We need more Randys! Without volunteers little would get done around here. At the most recent Board meeting I mentioned how some of our Board members volunteer beyond their Board duties. This includes board members who also serve on their village boards, or work at the local food bank, or mix up pancake batter for our first Friday breakfasts, or oversee the wood shop. The list goes on and, throughout our great community, we have a small cohort group who carry a disproportionate load of volunteering. These folks ask for nothing and vocally say their reward is volunteering. We need more members to jump in and help out. The fun is getting to know other people, developing new friendships, and serving your community. Soon our General Manager will be sending out an activities calendar. Please look it over and call the Club if you want to volunteer at any of the listed events.

A slight jog from volunteering is participating. Today’s Board meeting was the Board talking to itself with only one other SBCA member in attendance. An HOA is a genuine form of participatory democracy. The key word is participatory. If you can’t quite bring yourself to sign up as a volunteer, please take some time to attend Board or committee meetings (listed on the website and open to members) to let us know what you think, or attend events (Friday social, Pancake breakfast, concerts, lectures, etc.), or come to the Club and look around (great artwork that changes monthly, free coffee, newspapers, books to read, fitness activities, crafts, or just socializing with friends and neighbors). In our discussion this morning we weren’t sure if the lack of SBCA members in attendance at the Board meeting meant we were doing well, or doing poorly, or people just don’t care about their own HOA. The Board works very hard to be transparent and open. We encourage you to participate. It is your HOA!

I have mentioned activities several times, so what are we doing, and what’s coming up?

Well, first I must mention the Pig Roast. Great event for everyone except the poor pig of course. Mark Torres cooked up some special sauce, made the coleslaw, beans, and chopped up the melon. Once again, Mark went above and beyond in helping out. The band was awesome, and we had a rocking and rolling crowd on the dance floor. Special thanks to Mike and Rachael Boock for using their “pig box” to roast the pig. This was a huge time commitment, and the end result was greatly appreciated by all.

Our Health Care series continues, and we had roughly 60-70 people at the last program on degenerative joint pain. The folks at Jefferson Healthcare have been awesome in responding to our requests, and the speakers provided have all been knowledgeable and committed to serving our community. We are continuing to add programs, so watch your emails. These health care programs are open to the entire community, so bring your LMC friends (and even your big-city friends from Port Townsend).

Octoberfest — Friday, October 28th

The next big event coming up is Oktoberfest. Beer and brats in a beer garden setting. What’s not to love? We will have some music, lots of fun and laughter. More details will be coming and signup is required.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep smiling. You live in a GREAT community!