Recycling Responsibility

by the PLVC Utilities Committee

The Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Utilities Committee oversees the recycling facility at the Village Center.  According to the Jefferson County Solid Waste Division, this recycling facility is the worst offender of waste being placed in the recycling bins. With a little education and forethought, we can do better—we need to do better. If not, the Port Ludlow recycling facility at the Village Center may be permanently closed. No one wants that.

When waste is placed in the recycle bins, someone has to sort through the mess and remove the non-recyclable materials. As you can imagine, this is labor intensive and not sustainable. Four areas where you can help: (1) Materials need to be placed loose in the bin (especially plastic and cans) not in a plastic garbage bag which will clog up the sorting equipment. (2) If you go to the recycling facility and the bins are full, you need to take your recycling home with you and come back at a later date.  Don’t leave it outside the bins. (3) Garbage should never be left at the recycling facility. If it doesn’t fit in your garbage can, take it to the landfill on Jacob Miller Road. (4) Lastly, cardboard boxes must be flattened before putting into the bin to conserve space.

So, your help is urgently needed.  Look over the recent flyer that was included in your PUD bill.  It’s a great resource.  Also, view a video from Commissioner Greg Brotherton entitled “Blue is Recycling, Red is Not.”  See

With some self-education and forethought, we can all take steps to keep our recycling facility operational.  Remember the recycling mantra, “when in doubt, throw it out.”