Pups Love Cove Coffee

By Snorri Pup

Woofles! Have you been to Cove Coffee? They are right by the recycling at 98 Village Way, and OH MY DOG! I pup love them! They’ve been open for over a year now, and I don’t know how I pup lived without them.

They’ve got the bestest coffee for the humans, anything you can imagine, plus lots of specials, but most important is how pup-friendly they are!! Every time I tell Best Mom Friend that it is time to get some coffee (or my pals Best Beignet Friend or Best Little Buddy tell her), she drives us pups down. We get to see our favorite baristas, especially Sam and Lindsey, who greet us with the happiest hellos and give us puppuccino or treats (or, if we are fortunate, both).

Snorri & Finnagan @ Cove Coffee

Not only do they know our pup orders, but they remember the humans’ orders, too, and they are a lot more complicated.

If you haven’t been to Cove Coffee yet, I really recommend grabbing your bestest pal (I hear they even have cat treats) and head over to the walk-up window or the drivethru. You’ll get puptastic service, and you’ll get something yummy for your tummy!

Woofles & Paw Hugs,