Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Board Meeting Summary by Sally Franzel, PLVC Board Secretary

At the February 4, 2021 Port Ludlow Village Council Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Diana Smeland—President, Port Ludlow Associates (PLA)
The Inn’s Fireside Restaurant will continue to offer take-out and outside dining on the heated patio, and will offer special menus for both St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. The Golf Club will offer clinics in March, as well as its Winter Series.

As a marketing tool to encourage tourists to visit Port Ludlow when appropriate, management is looking for “influencers” on Instagram and organizations to partner with in such areas as food, wine, golf, and sailing.

Greg Brotherton—County Commissioner
In order to provide background information for the current recycling issues, Mr. Brotherton introduced Laura Tucker, Jefferson County Department of Health (DOH) Environmental Health Specialist II and Education and Outreach Specialist, and Al Cairns, Jefferson County Solid Waste Manager.

Jefferson County DOH has received a grant to support waste reduction, especially the reduction of contamination in the recyclable material. The county is only one of two in Washington State that separates its recycling at the source, which enables Skookum Recycling to find end markets nearby. An audit has been completed at the transfer station of the recycling coming from the Port Ludlow bins. Contamination amount by volume were as follows:  Mixed Paper—5 percent, Cardboard—17 percent, Glass—5 percent, and TAP (tin, aluminum and plastic)—30 percent. Plastic is a major issue as only plastics that melt at the same temperature can be recycled. Residents are often in doubt as to whether an item is recyclable or not and into which bin it should be placed. “When in doubt throw it out”. An updated flyer, highlighting contamination, will be included in the March electric bill.
Please see: https://solidwaste.files.wordpress.com/2020/12/2020-recycle-brochure-12-08.pdf

The recycling service is a benefit provided as a courtesy to residents by the county, and the bins should not be overloaded. The contract with Skookum is for regular scheduled pick-up and the bins provided should be sufficient to service normal amounts of recyclable materials produced by residents’ day-to-day use. The large amounts of cardboard dumped outside the bins are thought to be due to construction and homeowners’ remodeling projects. It is hoped that a homeowner or contractor working on a project would take responsibility for getting rid of the large volume of cardboard or packaging at the county recycling center.

The board agreed that additional efforts should be made to broaden the public’s knowledge and to try to reduce contamination by reaching out to the homeowners’ associations, communicating via the Port Ludlow Voice, and sending out updated flyers. The point of service at the bins should also be updated, and PLA will be asked to communicate with contractors to avoid large scale dumping at the bins.

Community Development Committee Report—Chair, Dave McDearmid
The committee continues to work on the expansion of the Port Ludlow No Shooting Zone to include the balance of the Master Plan Resort (MPR) and properties that encompass the Teal Lake Trail and the Timberton Loop Trail. Rayonier has been contacted to request its approval and support of including those properties in the proposal to be made to the County. The committee was also continuing to monitor the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for logging proposals and applications in areas adjacent to the MPR.

Members met with Diana Smeland to address the areas around the Admiralty Condos that needed attention, such as the volleyball court, the playground and its equipment, and will continue to track the progress of remedial action with Diana.

Utilities Committee—Chair, Robert Chanpong
In response to the recent overflows at the recycling area, an e-blast has been sent out to the community which provided contact information for Jefferson County and Skookum, as well as a reminder that the recycling bins and management of the recyclable products were an important service to the community. A second e-blast will be sent out explaining how residents can assist in stopping contamination.

Referring to Olympic Water & Sewer, Inc.’s project to drill a replacement well, samples from the 2-inch pilot well drilled in December showed no evidence of contamination, and the well-site geologist is completing his final report on the pilot well. The chlorination project officially began in January 2021 at the site in South Bay, and the foundation for the water treatment building has been poured. Preliminary construction is underway in order to keep the project on schedule.

Health and Wellness Committee—Chair, Jim Moffitt
Since January 1, 2021, most of the Committee’s actions have been related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Washington State and Jefferson County (JeffCo) data and messaging is being monitored daily, including JeffCo weekly Board of Commissioners meetings, and health updates from Dr. Locke and relevant JeffCo departments.

The committee has been working closely with Jefferson Healthcare to obtain updated information on vaccination protocols and guidance in addressing residents’ questions relating to Covid-19 and the availability of vaccines. Weekly e-blasts relating to relevant pandemic data will continue, plus additional e-blasts relating to vaccination information which changes frequently.

Once the weekly Covid-19 e-blasts are no longer necessary, the committee intends to focus its efforts on educational programs both for enjoyment and mental health.

Roadway Safety Committee—Chair, Allan Kiesler
Jefferson County scheduled a public hearing on February 8, 2021, to vote on a proposal to reduce the speed limit in Port Ludlow on selected areas of Oak Bay Road and Paradise Bay Road. Prior to that meeting, two virtual Road Safety presentations were held for residents which explained the consultant’s report and the recommendations that the committee had made to the county’s Department of Public Works. All relevant documents are available on the PLVC website plvc.org. The presentations appeared to have been well received and interested residents were asked to contact the Jefferson County Commissioners to express their support of the speed limit reduction. However, if approved, the changing of speed limit signs to 35 mph only addresses one of the recommendations presented by the Roadway Safety committee.