Port Ludlow Village Council

by Mike Towner – PLVC Board Member and Chair, Communications Committee

We would like to shine a spotlight on the Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC). Those of you who have moved to Port Ludlow in the past two years may not be aware of what the PLVC does and how it serves our community. Others of you who have been here longer may also benefit from learning more about how the Board operates and the benefits we derive from its existence.

First, a brief history. In the early 1990s, before there was a Master Planned Resort (MPR) designation under the WA State Growth Management Act, an informal organization of Port Ludlow homeowners’ associations was formed. This organization, Council of Ludlow Owners Association (CLOA), with appointed representatives or presidents of the various lot and homeowner groups, operated primarily as an information conduit between the residents and the developer, Jefferson County, and the State of Washington on issues affecting Port Ludlow.

PLVC lights up the Village Center during the
holidays. Submitted Photo

As Pope Resources, the former developer, began to face the reality of a finite number of years of operation at Port Ludlow, it called on a number of community leaders within CLOA to create a formal organization charged with being the governing entity for Port Ludlow. This group began meeting in May of 1998 and by early 1999 presented the concept of a “Village Council” to the community. The PLVC became a legal reality in 1999, subject to the Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act (RCW 24.03 et seq.) as a representative body whose function it is to foster and preserve the quality of life in Port Ludlow. The charter of the PLVC states that it was formed to “do as it determines to be in its best interest… to be a unifying force in the community… working towards building consensus among the residents, merchants, property owners and others.” Among the goals originally laid out for the PLVC and that still exist today are:

  • To obtain, control, maintain and preserve wildlife preserves, trails, wilderness areas, open spaces not owned by the two master HOAs – South Bay Community Association (SBCA) and Ludlow Maintenance Commission (LMC),
  • To engage in lawful political and/or lobbying activities as permitted by a charitable entity qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code, and
  • To sponsor and/or promote municipal corporations such as public utilities or port districts and/or charitable organizations qualified under 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code.

In short, its mission is to preserve, protect, promote, and unify the entities that make up Port Ludlow. The PLVC operates as a 501(c)(3) charity. Those major entities are the developer (Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) and the two master HOAs—the SBCA and the LMC. The PLVC represents the interests of the residents of Port Ludlow as well as the various businesses that operate here. (You can read more about the history of Port Ludlow and the PLVC at the PLVC Web site: plvc.org.)

The PLVC consists of nine board seats and several committees that are made up of over 100 volunteers. Two of the board seats are filled by one representative each appointed by the two major HOAs. The other board members fill the posts of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, with the remaining members serving as Directors. The officers are appointed by the Board. Each board member has a two-year term. Board seats whose terms are ending are filled by our election process as part of the Board’s Annual Meeting in October and are voted on by the property owners and residents of Port Ludlow. The election packets are sent to all PLVC members prior to the election, so please fill yours out when you receive it and return it according to the enclosed instructions so that your vote will be counted. All Board and committee members volunteer their time and are not compensated in any way.

The PLVC and its committees are constantly looking out for the best interests of the community at large. The Trails committee maintains over 28 miles of trails to enjoy here in Port Ludlow, ensuring that this gem of our community is available to all to enjoy year-round. The Emergency Management committee oversees a network of Block Captains who assist our neighbors with emergency preparedness, as well as coordinating with Jefferson County first responders in case of a natural disaster. Other PLVC committees include Utilities, Community Development, Administrative, Maritime, Recycling, Roadway Safety and Holiday Lights.

One of the upcoming activities that we are very excited about is VolksWalk, scheduled for August 28. Even though it will have occurred prior to this month’s publication, it is an excellent example of how the Board works with interested members of the community for the good of Port Ludlow as a whole. Jane Holmes, a Port Ludlow resident, informed the Board that the American Volkssport Association (AVA) planned to hold a 10k and 5k walk on some of the Port Ludlow trails on Saturday, August 28, 2021. The AVA is a non-competitive sports organization that promotes exercise and is committed to fun, fitness, and friendship for people of all ages and athletic abilities. Jane provided a visual presentation showing details of the organization and its proposed VolksWalk and said that PL residents would be invited to join the walk. The Board agreed that the VolksWalk could be an enjoyable event for the community and offered assistance to Jane in marketing the event using an article in the Voice and eBlasts and by providing some financial assistance for walkers’ refreshments.

Trails Committee at work.
Submitted photos

The PLVC has monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month and workshops on the third Tuesday of each month and everyone is invited to attend either or both. The board meetings feature updates from the PLA and HOAs, our Jefferson County Commissioner and committee updates. We often host guest speakers who present topics of interest to the entire community. In 2021, we have had the privilege of hosting presentations about the VolksWalk, Rayonier Corp, the Department of Natural Resources Lands division (DNR), and the DNR Wildfire division.

In addition to its public meetings, the Board communicates issues of interest through its eBlast email service as well as the plvc.org web site, both operated by the Communications committee. If you are interested in receiving eBlasts, please sign up using the SIGN UP FOR COMMUNITY UPDATES! link at the top of the main page of the website (again, plvc.org). You can also provide feedback on any topic by using the CONTACT US link on the main page.