Port Ludlow Hiking

by John Nuerenberg, Hiking Club

Hikers meet at the Bridge Deck at 8:15 AM, unless otherwise noted. They get directions to the trailheads and depart at 8:30 AM.

The hikers abide by the “Stay Healthy” recommendations and follow CDC guidelines for outdoor recreation.

Friday, January 6 – Anderson Lake Trails

There are over 8 miles of trail at this local State Park. The group will explore approximately 5 miles for an easy walk around the lake and through the forest. Expect some mud on the trails. We will park at the gate on Anderson Lake Road since the facilities are closed for the winter. There will not be any restroom facilities open. A parking pass is not required as we are parking outside the park. Hike leader: Dan Darrow. portludlowhikingclub.com/contact

Friday, January 20 – Barnes Creek Marymere Falls

We start at the trailhead at the ranger station and hike .7 miles to the side trail and climb to Marymere Falls. We come back to the main trail and continue up Barnes Creek, crossing Barnes Creek and following the trail up to a point where it gets very steep with no meaningful reward. At this point we retrace our route to a side trail that takes us through park-like woods and along the lower portion of Barnes Creek to Lake Crescent Lodge. From the Lodge (which most likely won’t be open) we follow along more park-like trails to the ranger station. I’m going to say the hike will be between 5 and 6 miles and will be level except for the short but steep climb to the overlook platform at Marymere Falls. Trees are large evergreens, and the area is at the edge of the Olympic Rain Forest and the West end of Lake Crescent. Bring a lunch for enjoying the lake view at the lodge. Restrooms are at trailhead. National Park pass is required. Hike leader: Jack Riggins. portludlowhikingclub.com/contact

Wednesdays: Timberton Loop.

Walk the 4.2-mile Timberton Loop. Enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains. This is a no-leader hike. Meet other walkers at the parking lot trailhead on Timberton Drive at 9 a.m.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 8 a.m.

Join the “Trail Club Group” that meets at the golf club parking lot for a self-led walk on the abandoned golf cart path trail or other alternative route.

More Info

For more hiking information, map of the Port Ludlow Trails, and descriptions with pictures of previous hikes and other destinations, go to portludlowhikingclub.com.