Port Ludlow Art League’s Group Art Exhibit

After a long hiatus, the Bay Club will once again host group art exhibits sponsored by the Port Ludlow Art League. The theme of the current group art exhibit is “Feathered Friends.”

Birds in art can symbolize freedom, hope, and peace. Birds also evoke images of flight, song, caring for young, hunting, and as pets. There will be more than 47 works of art on display, ranging from watercolors and mixed media to photographs—all featuring the virtues of our feathered friends.

3 Crows by Fran Bodman.
Submitted photo

The art exhibit is available for viewing in person at the Bay Club during September. The Bay Club is located at 120 Spinnaker Place in Port Ludlow. For more information on art exhibits at the Bay Club, contact Alan Ahtow at alanahtow@gmail.com.