PLYC Opening Day

by Lori Longo, PLYC Communications Officer

2022 Opening Day

Port Ludlow Yacht Club
Sat, May 13, 2023 10 AM

Tradition! Yacht Clubs are steeped in tradition, pomp and circumstance. Opening Day hits all the marks. Come and join us for PLYC’s 51st Opening Day. Festivities begin at 10 am at the Port Ludlow Marina flagpole.

The wail of the bagpipe will alert you to the parade of officers entering the ceremony in full dress uniform and the cannon blast will signal the closure. Immediately following, head to A dock to see the boat christening ceremonies performed by the Commodore and Port Captain. Next you will see the Commodore’s boat pull out from the reciprocal dock and anchor in the bay. A parade of boats will then leave the dock making a large circle around the bay saluting the Commodore as they pass by heading back to their slip. The best viewing is from the Totem Pole area.

If you are looking for a vibrant social venue and cruising venue, the Port Ludlow Yacht Club is a great place to meet people and make lifelong friends. Please consider joining us and your first meal will be free with one of the flag officers as your host for the night. To express your interest in visiting PLYC, please complete the form on our website at