PLVC Meeting – Jan 6, 2022

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the January 6, 2022, Port Ludlow Village Council Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Port Ludlow Associates (PLA): Diana Smeland, President

  • Real Estate: Supply chain issues continue, increasing the timeframe for new builds.
  • Olympic Water and Sewer, Inc: still working on chlorine levels. Contact OWSI if you have questions or concerns. Inn: Several positions available. Check PLA website for details.
  • Fireside Room: Themed dinners continue on Wednesday evenings. January theme is Cooking Low and Slow. February theme is Pasta Dishes.
  • Golf Course: Course has been closed due to snow and ice, and the Winter Series will be rescheduled.
  • Marina: No news on the Corps of Engineers’ permit.
  • Village Center: Space for lease is still available in the Office Park.
  • Olympic Terrace II, phase 2: All paperwork has been submitted to the county. PLA has a meeting with Dept of Community Development (DCD) early next week.
  • Other News: volunteers needed to spearhead signage project on Hwy 19.

Greg Brotherton: County Commissioner, District 3

  • Jefferson HealthCare: struggling with capacity issues due to patients with the Omicron variant.
  • New County Commission Chair: Heidi Eisenhour.
  • Silvernest, Olympic Agency on Aging: applied for contract to begin this spring
  • Home sharing program: allow seniors to live in local residences.
  • Jefferson Transit: working on a direct route to Kingston and Fast passenger ferry to Seattle. Passengers will be transported by bus from the Visitor’s Center on Hwy 19 directly to the Kingston Ferry Terminal. Transportation fees will be waived the first month.
  • Land Use moratorium: does not apply to property within the Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR). Highlight for emergency ordinance are five-acre lots now platted to build 70 units in 20 acres.
  • Kudos to road crews and PUD: they worked tirelessly to clear the roads of snow and ice, and debris caused by high winds, and to restore power during recent snowstorms.

Jefferson County Public Utility District: Dan Toepper, PUD Commissioner, District 3

  • Supply chain issues: recent storms have depleted some stocks, challenging stock needs. Critical infrastructure parts will be out of stock for several months, and higher costs will increase prices for housing construction.
  • Grants: PUD received a $1.5 million grant from Washington Dept. of Commerce for services in the Hwy 20 and Lake Road area. Installation will begin as soon as possible. $100,000 grant from the State received for rooftop solar on PUD office space.
  • Meter replacement program: PUD will purchase 20,000 smart meters for entire county using funds borrowed from Rural Utilities Services. Also looking to borrow funds for fiber optics and broadband programs.
  • Tips for when power goes out: a cold start is recommended. Turn off all computers, lights, and other appliances so there isn’t a surge when power comes back on. Check their website for more information at

Recycling: Robert Champong, Chair of Utilities Committee

  • Many complaints received concerning the recent dumping at the Recycling Center.
  • Big thank you to the community volunteers who cleaned up the mess left behind.
  • PLA provides the space for the Recycle Center; people outside of Port Ludlow can use this resource too.
  • Recycling arrangements are between Jefferson County and Skookum, contact County Dept of Environmental Health, not Skookum.
  • Reminder—Recycling Center is a service to the commu- nity, and we could lose these services if dumping continues. This is a serious concern.
  • If bins are full, come back another day or take to Transfer Station in Port Townsend.
  • County will be renewing the contract with Skookum this spring.
  • Styrofoam collection on December 14, organized by Port Townsend StyroCyclers, was very successful and will be repeated soon.
  • Reminder: only collect rigid, clean white Styrofoam, not popcorn or pellets (take these to the PT Transfer Station, Vintage Hardware and Lighting in PT also accepts them).
  • Thank you to everyone who reported the dumping and offered suggestions, which included: post recycling pick-up times; frequent reminders in the Voice to not leave garbage beside the bins; need guidance from the County as to reporting viola- tors; signage detailing littering is a crime in Jefferson County; devise a contingency plan for when bins are full—cones set out to discourage people from entering area.

Trails & Natural Resources committee: Larry Scott, Chair

  • Three-quarter inch rock added to low spots on the Timberton Trail, to other areas on the Niblicks and Interpretative Trails.
  • Placed two 10’x12’ culverts to handle drainage problem on Niblicks Trail.
  • Built bridge across the drainage flow on Wilder to connector road.
  • Purchased a tool shed which will be delivered in early spring.
  • Received $2000 in Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) funds for more rock and benches on the trails.
  • Future plans—adding two new trails; have applied to Ludlow Maintenance Commission for approval. If both are approved, the committee and volunteers will be very busy in 2022.

Communications committee: Mike Towner, Chair

  • Working on complete website redesign as present site is outdated.
  • Introduced Caleb Summerfelt, webmaster and technical advisor, who is creating the redesign which will include new search engine, new platform, new provider, and a Search feature.
  • Current site has been hacked in the past; new site will include a firewall and offer more security.
  • The current site will not have to shut down for the redesign as we’re using a new provider.
  • New site will go live as soon as it is complete.
  • Benefits: the site will be easier to use, especially when adding new content and photographs.
  • Committee chairs will be able to add content to their own pages.
  • Time frame: should be up in about a month.
  • Caleb, with all his expertise and skills, is doing this rede- sign on a volunteer basis, saving PLVC thousands of dollars. Closing Remarks:
  • Holiday Lights program will continue, however, glitches that occurred due to outages need to be studied.
  • Board member thanked the Voice for beautiful redesigned cover.
  • Another board member thanked the Voice for printing the Volunteer Honor Roll in the January issue.