PLVC Meeting — Feb 3, 2022

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the February 3, 2022, Port Ludlow Village Council Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Port Ludlow Associates, Diana Smeland, President

  • Olympic Water and Sewer (OWSI): finalizing loan with reduced fees (within two-year time frame for completion of building plant). Flushing North Bay water lines, some concerns about chlorine – watch for signs put up in streets being flushed. Billing will be out soon with new fees going into effect in March. Call to work out a payment schedule if needed.
  • Resort: starting a contest in the monthly newsletter.
  • Fireside: themed dinners continue Wednesday evenings; Valentine specials the entire week; have restarted serving breakfasts, spread the word as attendance has been low. Now have two chefs: Kyle (started in 2013) and Miles (started in late 2021, comes from Seattle restaurant scene). Dan Ratigan continues as General Manager of the Inn and also Executive Chef.
  • Golf Course: hired a new golf pro starting in March. Offering clinics for groups of six.
  • Marina: no news on the Corps of Engineers permit.
  • Office Park: space still available.
  • Staffing: new Sales Manager hired.

Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

  • OlyCAP: may be able to help with utility bills for qualifying households, check with them.
  • Jefferson Transit: direct bus route to Kingston Ferry Terminal for walk-ons will start February 22; bus will pick-up passengers at Visitor Center on Hwy 19. Transportation fees will be waived the first month.
  • Federal Funds Available: American Rescue Plan for small businesses, non-profits, and cottage industries. $500,000 has been set aside for these loans. Working with Team Jefferson EOC on criteria and building partnerships with Jefferson Community Foundation. Working to find those businesses that need help.
  • Legislation: HB 1838 creates mandatory land use riparian buffers. Very controversial.
  • Covid: county has not instituted a vaccine mandate.

Jefferson County PUD, Dan Toepper, PUD Commissioner, District 3

  • Being unable to order parts, they are retrieving some materials off the grid for repurpose. Construction rates by PUD are starting to go up to pay for materials and construction labor. Trying to accommodate residential building, customers will be able to defer costs for up to six months. Applying for FEMA funds for emergency storm damages (will take up to a year to receive). Received $9.7 million grant for broadband in underserved areas such as Cape George and Marrowstone Island. Looking to expand services, PUD spent $1.4 million to purchase a building in the Glen Cove area. Opening on PUD Advisory Board, notice will be on the website and in local newspapers. Have a vaccine mandate in place which extends to their contractors and it has caused some complications.

PLVC Committee Reports

Utilities Committee, Robert Chanpong, Chair

  • Recycling: a new contract has been drawn up between the County and Skookum for 2022-2027. The total number of bins to be cleared per week at our Recycling Center is 13. The collection schedule will be provided to the community. Only certain types of plastic will be collected under the new contract starting in April due to the large amount of contamination. These include jugs (such as milk) and water bottles. Also, toilet paper rolls will no longer be collected. Related to serious overflow in late December/early January, county response is if it happens again, the county may terminate our services. Community volunteers are needed to check the center on a regular basis to keep area clear. The county has no plan to patrol the recycle centers. The community will continue to be advised on recycling issues via the Voice and Next Door.
  • OWSI: chlorination plant has been up since late November 2021 and is running smoothly. There have not been many complaints about chlorine smell/taste, or discoloration due to manganese. The OWSI new well is static, being held in reserve. Some wells are not operating at capacity, yet we have enough drinking water for now. On the sewer side, Dept. of Ecology (DOE) may put some restrictions on effluents, particularly the amount of nitrogen into the Puget Sound

Emergency Management Committee, Carol Riley, Liaison

  • Masking: The Federal Government is making N95 masks available to every county in the country. Jefferson County will provide a supply to PLVC who will distribute them through the Beach and Bay Clubs. Watch for more information in the Voice, Next Door and by eBlast, especially for specific distribution dates. The populations of North Bay and South Bay will determine distribution: Beach Club will be allocated two-thirds of the supply, and the Bay Club will receive one-third. Each household will receive two masks.

Community Development Committee, Dave McDearmid, Chair

  • Measured Equivalent Residential Unit (MERU): Bill Dean and Dave McDearmid attended a training session on MERUs presented by the Jefferson County Department of Community Development (DCD) during the last week of October 2021.
  • LTAC Grant: a grant has been awarded for additional banners to be placed on the empty light standards in the parkway adjacent the Village Center. The grant is for hardware and banners. The hardware orders will be consolidated with county Public Works when the county repairs the light pole struck by an automobile in December 2021.
  • Residential Participation at the County: an email was sent to the County Commissioners for their input regarding boards and commissions residents of Port Ludlow might serve on to the benefit of Port Ludlow and/or the county.
  • Team Jefferson Economic Development Commission: the possibility of participating on this commission was explored. It is undergoing a management change and some reorganization so will wait for this to occur to see if this is a good fit for a Port Ludlow resident volunteer.
  • Jefferson County Open Space Project: the county is inviting proposals for open space projects. County to award some funds for this project. The program requires acquisition of lands for these projects. The committee referred this opportunity to PLA.
  • No Shooting Zone: there is a legal description of the property within the MPR identified for inclusion in a No Shooting Zone. The County’s Chief Counsel has indicated a need shown by reported incidents will be required. Input from the community was sought with no response. Will investigate other arguments for the expansion of the No Shooting Zone to include the entire MPR.
  • Auxiliary Dwelling Units: LMC board member asked if the committee would investigate the CC&Rs and Development Agreement (between the County and PLA) to ascertain if additional dwelling units on one’s lot is permissible. The committee chair has agreed to present that for consideration.
  • Holiday Lights: continue to be challenging again this year with lots of outages due to weather. Contact is pending with Kingston Marina and Seven Cedars to understand how they manage their light displays. The lights are to be taken down in the next two to three weeks, the exact date to be determined.

VolksWalk Report:

  • The 2022 VolksWalk will be the NW Hiking Weekend occurring Friday, August 19 thru Sunday, August 21. There will be marked trails in Port Ludlow, Anderson Lake State Park and Port Townsend State Park. It ought to be a great weekend activity.

Trails Committee Report:

  • Trails Committee wants to put a new trail along Oak Bay Rd. from Swansonville Rd. to the PLF&R building and up the ravine to complete a trail route in a circular fashion. A joint agreement between Trails and LMC has been developed. Letters would be sent to residents whose property is alongside this trail after it is marked so homeowners can see its direction. Then the LMC Board would need to vote its approval, and PLVC would need to vote their approval. This is a work in progress, will keep the public informed.

More Info

  • Next Board Meeting: Thursday, March 3 at 2:45pm. Virtual conference call.
  • This report annotated for readability, full PLVC minutes may be found on the website