PLVC Board Meeting Summary Nov 4, 2021

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the November 4, 2021, Port Ludlow Village Council Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Greg Brotherton, Jefferson County Commissioner, District 3

Brotherton discussed redistricting of the County Commissioners’ representation. Every 10 years, a review is initiated. The goal is to have the three commission districts fairly equal in population and keeping communities together. There were 868 new residents in Port Ludlow in the last 10 years. A public meeting was held and several mapped options are being considered. Brotherton favors the option that makes the least changes, as constituents prefer this option. Another public meeting will be held and Brotherton invites community input.

He also mentioned the need for East Jefferson County representation on Team Jefferson Economic Development Commission (EDC) and asked for interested Port Ludlow residents to contact him for more information. Representatives from the county, the Public Utility District, and the Ports also serve on the commission.

JeffCo Commission continues to work on next year’s budget for Jefferson County, the primary function of the commission. There are pass-through funds to work with, and the commission is considering funding the following projects: PUD—reconnect, $20 million grant involving Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock, and Ironstone, (the county would provide $2 million); replacing the roof of the Port Townsend Community Center; and development of Mill Road encampments. There is $500,000 available for small business grants.There will be another budget meeting soon.

Brotherton announced that Mike Nilssen of Port Ludlow has joined the North Bay Drainage District. Brotherton encouraged other community members to run for this board next February, getting paperwork in by December of this year.

Lastly, Brotherton discussed Covid-19 in the county. The numbers are going fairly well, which may affect the need for showing vaccine IDs in restaurants. There must be a two-week average case rate of 75/100,000 or less. Currently Jefferson is at 256/100,000.

Diana Smeland, President, Port Ludlow Associates

PLA is moving into the off-season of the year.

Real Estate: there have been revisions to the traffic study for Olympic Terrace II, phase 2 now that there will be fewer lots developed. The study shows there will be less traffic than expected and it has been sent back to the county Department of Community Development (DCD) for approval. There was a board comment that the current building moratorium in Jefferson County does not include Port Ludlow as it is a Master Planned Resort and under a different ordinance, according to the DCD.

OWSI: the filtration and chlorination project is feeding into the water system as of November 1. There have been some concerns about dark water and the smell of chlorine.

Fireside Room: now open for Happy Hour from 3-5pm daily; open seven days a week for lunch and dinner; open for breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays with a Sunday morning brunch; and serving weekly themed comfort meals in November and December. Thanksgiving dinner is almost sold out. However, you can still reserve a takeout meal.

Golf Course: the next winter series tournament will be held November 13.

Marina: working on an expansion permit from the Corps of Engineers. There’s been a considerable delay, as there is a backlog of 60 permit requests in front of Port Ludlow’s, and the Corps is taking them in order.

Village Center: there is 980 sq ft of office space available.

Coffee Shops: Both are open for business and doing well.

Employment: Head Pro at Golf Course and Head Chef at Fireside are both leaving Port Ludlow for other opportunities. David Wayne Johnson has taken a different position at DCD, and another planner will be assigned to Port Ludlow.

Emergency Management Committee Report—Great WA Shakeout (GWS), Oct 21

Bill Dean introduced Jay Bakst as GWS Coordinator for the fourth year. The committee continues to make great progress toward their preparation goals, and identified specific areas to improve in preparation for next year. This year, focus was on communications between members of our community, to Block Captains, and then radio transmission to the communication centers. They also took advantage to check out how well the back-up communication center locations performed in facilitating communication in the event the Bay or Beach Clubs were inaccessible. They held a separate radio test prior to GWS and used GWS as a test of whether communications had improved or not. Part of the improvement was due to providing more powerful radios to some Block Captains.

There were opportunities for improvement identified during GWS:

  • The planned installation of higher antennas.
  • The Communication Centers have gaps that can be overcome through advanced radios with higher power.
  • Instructions for reporting of various situation levels both by Block Captains and Communication Centers need to be enhanced.
  • Due to connectivity difficulties, the back-up location for South Bay needs to be the Community Church and for North Bay the Broker’s Office.
  • The protocol for consolidating area and Village reports to the Communication Centers need to be further defined.
  • GWS response participation was partly impacted by the reporting procedure, which was different from the drill. This is another area where the protocol needs to be enhanced.

December Meeting

Thursday, December 2, 2021
2:45 p.m., Zoom Video Conference Call