PLVC Board Meeting Summary — May 5, 2022

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the May 5, 2022, Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Port Ludlow Associates, Diana Smeland, President

  • Staffing: Continue to look for seasonal staff and fulltime staff with benefits, see website (careers Having to turn away some opportunities due to lack of staff.
  • Real Estate: Working with David Wayne Johnson at Department of Community Development (DCD) on OT2, phase 2 permits.
  • OWSI: Filtration surcharge has been reduced from $10 per billing to $7. Loan interest rate has been reduced from 2.5 percent to 1 percent.
  • Hospitality: Have 4 electric bikes for rent: 1 hour, 2 hours, half day or full day. Three different sizes.
  • Fireside: Wednesday’s Farm Suppers now through September. Finnriver Cidermaker dinner on Thursday, June 23.
  • Marina: Lady Washington will be in port May 12-16. On May 14, ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30 a.m. for Clean Bay Boat. The zero emissions pump-out boat will come to your boat for pump out–may receive national interest. Also on May 14, the Yacht Club will be christening the new boats, including the Clean Bay Boat, a festive event.
  • Space Available: in Office Park, may break up larger units to accommodate need for smaller offices.
  • Village Center: one space available. Contact Diana Smeland
  • Q: With the federal hike in interest rates, will that affect OT2, phase 2?
    A: Will affect purchase power, price increases. Models will be available to view late summer.
  • Q: How are future bookings doing at the Inn?
    A: Running behind last year’s budget; more short-term bookings, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.

Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

  • Chamber seminar May 20 on ventilation. Call Public Health if you develop Covid, county keeping track of cases and resources are available. Still low in hospitalizations.
  • Regarding Clean Bay Boat, designed in Port Townsend and built at the Wooden Boat School in Port Hadlock.
  • About the road in OT2 (county or housing development responsibility?), going through the process, communications have been vital to move through these issues to come up with solutions.
  • Forestry: Beaver Valley legacy forests, there will be a workshop on May 16, with county, DNR, community forest groups to discuss options to keep junior taxing districts funded without taking down legacy trees. One issue is Voluntary Carbon Markets, doing a lot of research on this trending subject to be used to protect old growth legacy forests, expand recreational opportunities.
  • Q: What is the timing and budget for consultation on MERUs study?
    A: RFP open, have received some bids, reviewing qualifications. Will provide timeline next month.
  • Q: What about the Hood Canal Bridge closures this summer?
    A: Was glad to receive this information, had only been in the WADOT newsletter. Issue is regarding announcement that the bridge will be closed from Friday night through Monday 4 a.m. on four weekends this summer. Director of Jefferson County Public Works sent a strongly worded letter that there are critical activities and festivals every weekend this summer, would they consider moving to the fall months instead? There’s a workshop scheduled for Thursday, June 9, to get an update and discuss plan.
  • Q: What’s the status of Tarboo Lake litigation?
    A: All lawsuits have been settled, not going to be a public shooting range. There were over $150,000 in damages incurred. Risk Pool paid for some of the fines.
  • Q: What is the status of the Port Hadlock sewer system?
    A: Project going well, some cash flow issues, projected to start in 2023-2024. $25.8 million raised, total costs $34 million. City and county engineers are working together, communication with landowners. Getting enough flow through sewer lines important, some multi-family units going in that need to be considered. There’s an easement around QFC, working to place lines away from the main roads, more cost-effective.

PLVC Committee Reports

Emergency Management committee – Bill Dean, Chair

  • County representative has asked for feedback on how the Covid vaccination sites program worked for individuals: what needs to be improved and what worked. Send emails to Bill Dean.
  • Committee has updated the MAP Your Neighborhood, a document that helps address what needs to happen immediately after a disaster. There are nine steps every residence should be aware of; will share this information in eBlast and with Block Captains.
  • Other committee activities: Radio Drill to test backup plans; planning the Block Captain Fair; and plan to hold Block Captain training quarterly.
  • There was a recent article in the Voice about wildfire preparedness.
  • Trying to get equipment purchased for the Neighborhood Operations Center (NOC).
  • The Community Church where NOC will be located is seriously considering becoming an emergency shelter.
  • The Red Cross training programs in Port Townsend are fully subscribed through the 3rd quarter.
  • Rick Schurman is going through the certification process so these training programs can be held in Port Ludlow.
  • Met with two members of the LMC Emergency Preparedness committee. They are focusing only on residents becoming prepared for a disaster, while the Village Council Emergency Management committee is focused on community action following a disaster. One member from each committee will serve on the other committee to coordinate efforts.
  • Q: Where can a list of Block Captains be found?
    A: On the Village Council website, the SBCA website, and the LMC website.
  • Q: Do the Block Captains have a responsibility to introduce themselves to the community?
    A: Yes, but this was severely limited during the Covid pandemic for the past two years.

Health & Wellness committee – Chris Dean, Co-chair

  • Committee has been dormant during the Covid pandemic. Resources have dried up.
  • The Local 20/20 group in Port Townsend is hosting a zoom meeting on Community Health Care Access on May 11.
  • Q: SBCA is holding a seminar on falls on May 19. Is the public invited to attend?
    A: Yes, registration is required, contact the Bay Club front desk. Information about this seminar is going out in the LMC Navigator, PLVC eBlast.

Utilities committee – Robert Changpong, Chair

  • Staying in touch with the Filtration Plant manager, Greg. Process is going well, still a smell of chlorine at residences.
  • Recycling: new contract effective June 1. Updates are being distributed in the Voice, Village Council eBlasts, and Next Door. There will be another article in the Voice, explaining the changes and why these are occurring. The county is preparing FAQs.
  • Styrofoam pickups are very successful.
  • Ludlow Bay: letter goes out on speed limitation and length of time (30 days) boaters can stay in the Bay.
  • Retention Ponds: there have been some questions about HOAs and regulations about the maintenance of these ponds – it is the responsibility of the HOAs. Pipes that conduct stormwater to the ponds are the responsibility of the county.

More Info

  • Next Board Meeting: Thursday, June 2 at 3 p.m. Zoom conference call
  • Next workshop: Tuesday, June 21 at 3 p.m. Zoom conference call