PLVC Board Meeting Summary

by Tam McDearmid, Secretary

At the September 1, Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Board Meeting, the following reports were given.

Port Ludlow Associates, Diana Smeland, President

Busy with the summer activities. Staffing continues to be an issue. Golf Course: Mitch Black Memorial Golf Tournament for the Chimacum golf coach will be held this month. Provides scholarships. Inn: Guardian Wine dinner on Thursday, September 22, and Red Dog Farm dinner the following week. Real Estate: Still working on clearing OT2, phase 2. Also getting the road profile in place

Q: When will the slash piles be cleared in the OT2, phase 2 area?
A: Will be hauled off site and used as paper.

Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

Tourism Coordinating Council meeting this month. Sending a letter through the Olympic Peninsula Tourism Council to WSDOT about the Hood Canal Bridge closures scheduled for summer 2023, trying to be part of the planning process. Also asking the County Commission (BoCC) for a letter of support and would like the Village Council to be part of this communication process. Staffing is really challenging all over. Looking for a General Manager for Jefferson Transit, and the Central Services Manager in the County has been vacant for several months, plus an executive search for the County Administrator. A program about seniors living alone, through the Environmental Public Health has a $500,000 grant to help people that income-qualify to update a failing septic system or install a brand-new septic system. Based on 60% AMI up to $35,000 per property owner is available. Trying to get these funds distributed, help the community and our streams be safer. Met with DNR, had a great tour of some of their forestlands, and different kinds of resource lands and learned a lot about the challenges in management they have. Had dinner with Commissioner Franz, think a lot of our values are well-aligned. The Beaver Valley sorts sale (minus Unit One) sold for more than expected: over $2 million. It will be over a year before the contract is done. Hybrid meetings: BoCC going back to hybrid meetings.

PLVC Committee Reports

VolksWalk: Jane Holmes did a great job spearheading this event. The three-day event registered 186 walks. Some signed up forQ: Any problems with the Anderson Lake walk? A: Some people got lost, trail wasn’t as well-marked as in Port Ludlow. multiple walks. About 100 people participated, including some Port Ludlow residents who were interested in the trails. Heard great stuff about the Port Ludlow area and the trails. A lot of appreciation and thanks to the board and trails committee. Expenses were about $694, excluding the Porta-Potties. Big expense was printing the maps in color. People enjoyed stopping by the Dusty Greens Café which was about halfway through one of the walks. People from Surrey, Canada, Oregon, and Idaho participated. Forty people did the Anderson Lake walk, the remainder of the 186 walks were in Port Ludlow.

Q: Did we have any walkers that stayed in the Inn? A: (Diana Smeland) Don’t have a good number, weekends have been selling out so perhaps they were unable to stay at the Inn.

Q: Any problems with the Anderson Lake walk? A: Some people got lost, trail wasn’t as well-marked as in Port Ludlow.

Great American Shakeout, Jay Bakst, Event Coordinator
The Great Washington Shakeout will occur on Thursday, October 20, at 10:20 a.m. Port Ludlow will again be participating in this year’s Shakeout. The Shakeout is about living in an earthquake zone. Not living in a heavily populated area, we will probably be on our own for some time after a disaster. Goal is to be better prepared. An all-hands-on-deck event. Fire and Sheriff’s office all part of the Shakeout, as are local businesses and residents. Block captains play a key role. Every year try to add more inroads to our preparedness.

The County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) will set up an Emergency Disaster Center. Port Ludlow will have North and South Bay communications centers, plus block captains will go throughout our neighborhoods with hand-held radios and communicate with the local communication centers. These centers will communicate with the DEM center. Neighbors can help participate by putting TEST or OK signs on display. Block captains will check their neighborhood for these signs and transfer the information to the local communication centers. The communication centers will compile the information and communicate with the DEM Emergency Center. Knowing how to turn off water and gas at your residence and how much water you need is in the Think, Plan, Do! workbook. North and South Bay have been distributing the Think, Plan, Do! workbook, a good resource for households to use in preparing for a disaster.

Asking PLVC, LMC, and SBCA to send out eBlasts to prepare the community for this event. Have developed the eBlasts for all three organizations, so will provide this information to them.

Have been in touch with all block captains. Will be using all four communication centers this year, so in case the Beach or Bay Clubs are unavailable during an emergency, the other two will be ready to go as back-up centers.

Q: Will the Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue unit be participating in this Shake Out? A: The DEM will be coordinating with the fire and sheriff departments.

Q: Do you know if LMC will be doing anything independent of this exercise? A: Believe they are doing something supplemental to this exercise on their own.

Q: Do PLA operations plan to participate in these exercises? A: The Development Office will participate in the drill, not sure if the Marina, Golf Course, or Inn will participate. Does want to use the radio this year.

Election Ballots: Sent out on August 30, started receiving them on August 31. Counting committee ready to go and will run September 10 through October 4, which is the last day ballots can be counted. Everything went very smoothly with The Printery. Did have some increase in costs this year due to increase in paper costs. Had received an email earlier this year about this situation. Estimated cost this year is $4700, while cost was $3733.78 last year. Moffitt spoke of looking into having our elections done electronically, or by email. Is unsure if this is even legal for us to do. Would have to amend our bylaws.

The board held a vote for consent without a meeting last month, which couldn’t be completed because we were meeting virtually and thus unable to sign the approval. We will entertain this motion again now. It is regarding the development, design, and maintenance of the new PLVC website. A quorum of nine approved the vote. Took a verbal motion to approve, seconded and passed. Mike Towner added that the $2000 consulting fee for this update can be made in monthly or quarterly payments if that would be helpful.

EV Charging Station Presentation, Dave McDermid, Community Development Committee Chair

  • State of Washington Tourism (SWT) has grants available to 501(c)(3) Non-Profits for recovery of the tourism sector in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
  • PLA wants access to grant money to install a Level 2 EV Charging Station at the Inn to promote tourism in Port Ludlow
  • PLA proposes to have PLVC submit a grant application for this project (grant applications must be received by SWT by September 15)
  • Messrs. Jurca, McDearmid and Moffit have met with PLA and support the proposed project subject to an appropriate contractual arrangement with PLA that includes:
    • PLVC would be the Grantee and contract the execution of the work to PLA.
    • PLA will be responsible for all
      • Permitting, Design, purchasing and installation
      • MaintenanceNext PLVC Board Meeting: Thursday, October 6, at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom
      • Operation on a not-for-profit basis, as may be required, for a period to be determined.
    • The contract will include
      • Performance to the schedule required under the grant (completion by August 1, 2023, and evaluation by October 1, 2023)
      • PLA financial and/or in-kind contributions in accordance with the grant application
      • PLVC named as an additional insured and held harmless for all matters associated with the project
      • Transfer of title for the EV Charging Station to PLA upon completion of the contract.

A motion was made for PLVC to establish a contract with PLA as outlined above and submit a grant application in its name for the installation of an EV Charging Station at the Inn. Motion seconded and passed.

Coming Events

Next PLVC Board Meeting: Thursday, October 6, at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom (Note: this will be the Annual Voting Members Meeting)

Next PLVC Board Workshop: Tuesday, October 18, at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom