PLVC Board Meeting Summary

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the July 6, 2022, Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Port Ludlow Associates, Diana Smeland, President

OT2 Phase 2: Final permit has been received; will start clearing land the week of July 13. OWSI: Will be holding an open house for the new filtration plant facility on July 18, from 12 to 3 p.m. Notifications for the Open House have been included in utility bills. A PLVC eBlast will go out about the event. More information can be found on the PLA website. Resort: Will be offering a “health transformation” 3 day retreat in September. Fireside: three course Farm Fresh dinners Wednesday evenings continue plus a SpringRain Farm dinner on August 12. Current information about the dinners can be found on the website and on Facebook. Golf Course: The course will be hosting the 2022 Washington State Ladies Public Links Championship Monday through Wednesday, July 11 – 13. Great vantage points can be found on the patio of Dusty Green Café. Marina: Running a Crab Derby this month. Each week, largest crab will win a $10 gift card for the Inn gift shop, and the overall winner will have their name placed on the trophy. Marina dock replacement permit still ongoing. A new policy was generated at the Corps of Engineers June meeting. PLA request is about number 60 in line for approval. Planning for a new marina building is in process. Currently seeking interested tenants in food service, yacht brokerage, and retail. Parking: New parking striping including all parking areas managed by PLA will start with the golf course in July.

Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

Process Change: There are open seats on the Planning Commission in District 3. Will be doing an interview process and added a stipend for each meeting. Update on BoCC to DNR regarding Beaver Valley Sorts: By a 2-1 vote, County Commission has retracted the request for DNR to defer the Beaver Valley Sort timber sales until next July. Still interested in alternative management options. Developing a framework for how this will work. Fourth of July: Was safe throughout the county. Usual overuse at the Gardiner marina. Fireworks stand in Port Ludlow improperly permitted by the Department of Community Development (DCD). Strict interpretation of the code resulted in heated situation with the vendor. The county refunded the state licensing fee for the Port Ludlow location. Vendor could still sell at the Quilcene location. Fireworks were sold in Port Ludlow on Thursday, June 30. Tent was closed by Friday morning and all inventory had been removed. DCD owned up to their error in allowing permit to go through, handled it responsibly. County and Port Ludlow Associates (PLA) need to understand that if a use isn’t specifically listed in the code for the Port Ludlow MPR, it isn’t allowed.

Comment by Dave McDearmid, Chair of the Village Council’s Community Development committee (CDC): Will be exploring with the county what the process is for approving permits, and how this one fell through the cracks.

Comment by Greg Brotherton: Has been talking to DCD about how this happened. DCD have had staff turnover, lack of training. Currently configuring InterGov permitting software so a filter will be set in the system. If anything comes in for permits in the Port Ludlow MPR a trigger will result in viewing by the planner representing the MPR.

Jefferson County PUD, Dan Toepper, Commissioner – District 3

Major outages in Port Townsend: due to downed tree outside of PUD access. If land or property is within transmission or distribution lines, PUD needs contact from the property owners. Transmission lines were blocked by property owners, so PUD couldn’t get to the problem. Heavy winds in August usually cause problems this time of year. PUD 2023 Budget: Meetings ongoing for the 2023 budget to be ratified in November. Concerning budget and expenditures, heavy factors are supply chain delays and price increases for labor and materials. Some capital projects put off during Covid are now reaching system critical so will have to spend some money on infrastructure. Check the agendas for issues on this topic. Broadband: still waiting on funding contracts and rules, plus need to receive state/county matching funds. Buildout to homes has been delayed. Hoping to get contract done soon. Still working to procure materials. Dedicated funds for a consultant to design the system, getting the fiber. Recent article about PUD broadband in the Peninsula Daily News had some inaccuracies – facts and figures were wrong. Trying to work with them so the public understands what’s going on.

Q Probably will be some rate increase for 2023. When would this be implemented?
A: June or July this year. Did some cost-of-service studies for four years, this is the second year. $2.50 increase each year on the base rate for the next three years. A small amount on the usage. May re-evaluate the cost-of-service study.

Q: Status on meter replacements?
A: Some of the meters are coming in, already replacing some meters. About $3.5 million cost of meters spread out over a couple of years. Moving forward with it.

Q Website information?
A: It’s at

PLVC Committee Reports

Utilities Committee – presented by Jim Moffitt

Sending out an eBlast tomorrow about Filtration Plant Open House on July 18. Spot checking at the recycle center two to three times per week, looks good. Diana mentioned that there will be restriping in the parking lot soon.

Emergency Management – Bill Dean, Chair

At the Wildfire Presentation on June 30 at the marina tent, Chief Black went thru a simple discussion about wildfire. The wet spring weather has stimulated growth, which in the summer will dry and be subject to wildfire danger. FireWise has to do with defensive space around your residence. FireWise brochures are available at both the Bay and Beach Clubs.

In an evacuation situation, regular emergency management transmissions will not be quick enough to share with block captains then residents. Key is to get on NIXLE, a county online service that will provide evacuation information quickly to subscribers. Exact evacuation routes will not be given, location of fire and direction away will be available. For instance, if fire is south of Port Ludlow in Shine, go north; and if fire is north in Mats Mats Bay, go south. Chief Black really emphasized the importance of being on NIXLE.

After the wildfire discussion, Chief Black discussed the fact that Port Ludlow and East Jefferson County fire districts are considering a merger. From a personnel standpoint, there will be a lot more opportunity for cross-training. Boards of both districts voted in favor of this merger two weeks ago, so they are going forward with plans. There will be a ballot initiative to recommend the two districts merge. Financial forecast is a critical aspect of this merger.

Hoped to have the meeting available on a hybrid basis. About 70 attended in person. Recording the meeting via zoom did not work well. About 40 people attempting to attend the meeting virtually did not see the complete program. Working on alternative solutions to this issue.

Q. How do we get on NIXLE?
A: NIXLE – go to and follow directions. The eBlast sent out after the presentation contains a link that will go right to the page. There’s an image of a smart phone on the right side of page, click on it to be taken to a box to fill out.

Chief Black has been invited to attend the Village Council August board meeting. He will answer more questions about the consolidation of the two districts.

Community Opportunity Fair committee – Tam McDearmid, Co-chair

Have had some wonderful sponsorship this year. Usually sponsored by PLVC, LMC, and SBCA. However, this year we have also been sponsored by Karen Best of Coldwell Banker Best Homes, Sally Derrig of Port Ludlow Brokers, and Diana Smeland of Port Ludlow Associates. Because of this, we have been able to rent a shuttle van, have a group of fiddlers on the lawn, plus additional publicity, and swag bags.

You will be seeing a lot of publicity on Next Door, PLVC, LMC and SBCA eBlasts, plus flyers and signs around the community in the coming weeks. Over 300 newcomers (since 2020) have received postcard invitations and the community at large is invited as well. The more, the merrier!

Co-chairs are Vickie Norris and Allison Leonard, both South Bay newcomers themselves. Our Publicity Coordinator is Janet DeDonato, who has owned a very successful advertising agency in Seattle. We are very lucky to have her. We’ve been enjoying every minute of the preparations and working well together. The event will be held on Wednesday, August 3 from 4 – 6:30 p.m. at the Bay Club in the main auditorium and out on the terrace and lawn area.

Next Meetings

Next PLVC Board Meeting: Thursday, August 4, at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom

Next PLVC Board Workshop: Tuesday, August 16, at 3:00 p.m. via Zoom