PLVC Board Meeting Summary

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the April 7, 2022, Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Port Ludlow Associates, Diana Smeland, President

  • Real Estate: No lots are available in OT II, Phase One is sold out.
  • Employment: There are still several job opportunities, see the website.
  • Hospitality: Wednesday dinners From Farm to Table are occurring now through September at the Fireside which will also be serving Easter Brunch; and check out Dusty Green Café at the Golf Course.
  • Marina: The Marine Swap Meet is Saturday, April 30. Lady Washington will be in port from May 1-15, come take a tour or a ride.
  • Space Available: Two units, one 875 square feet, the other 1300 square feet.

Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

  • Mark McCauley has been appointed permanent County Administrator and we are excited to continue to work with Mark and his high level of expertise and existing teamwork.
  • The Board of County Commissioners requested on Monday, April 4, that the DNR hold off on the Beaver Valley Sorts sale, which is near Teal Lake. The Forest Board did defer the sale to July, saying that they had never had three County Commissioners make such a request.
  • There is more research to do to see the best disposition for the junior taxing districts and the forest, but having walked the forest on Friday, April 1, Brotherton commented that we don’t have many legacy forests left, and it might be time to start treating them as such.

Joel Noel, Sheriff of Jefferson County

  • New records management system, service 300-400 calls weekly, about 1200 per month.
  • Port Ludlow is one of the safest places in Jefferson County. Common items stolen are small, easy to carry, sell or trade. Not many homeless people in Port Ludlow.
  • Speeding tickets in Port Ludlow: 55 in 2018, 65 in 2019, 98 in 2021, and 27 so far in 2022. Not as many speeders in Port Ludlow as Sheriff Noel thought there would be since the speed limit on Oak Bay has been slowed to 25 and 35 miles per hour.
  • Crime trends in Jefferson County are reported into a federal database. In 2021, there was one murder, five rapes, and eight assaults.
  • Intimidation is up, robbery is down, motor vehicle theft is down, domestic assault is up.
  • Jefferson County cases cleared stands at 37 percent, in Port Townsend, it is only 15 percent.
  • Citizen’s Police Academy: citizens learn about the law and why the sheriff’s office is called. Very good course, yet interest seemed to decline. Lack of advertising for it has decreased, too.
  • Neighborhood Watch program: you and your neighbors do the work; a deputy comes out to assist. Basically, it’s watching out for each other. If you see something strange, contact the sheriff.
  • Front door security cameras really work well, you get a record of what’s happening right outside your door. Even when a burglary is solved, you rarely get your stolen items back because the items are gone very fast afterwards.
  • If you find mail dumped in your neighborhood, contact the sheriff. Don’t approach but get a picture of the car and license plate if possible. The sheriff’s office would love to solve mail thefts. Recommends getting a post office box instead of having mail delivered to your street address.
  • If you use your cell phone to contact Sheriff or 911, be sure to identify that you are calling from Port Ludlow as many people use cell phone numbers from out of state.

PLVC Committee Reports

Community Opportunity Fair committee – Tamra McDearmid, co-chair

  • Planning for August 3, event is in full swing.
  • The event will be held at the Bay Club.
  • Sponsors for this event are PLVC, LMC, and SBCA.
  • A motion was made for PLVC to provide up to $400 to fund this event. Motion seconded and passed.

Utilities committee – Proxy report by Jim Moffit for Robert Changpong

  • Another Styrofoam Collection is planned for April 12, from 9 to 10:30 am at the Bridge Deck of the Beach Club.
  • New Recycling information is coming out soon, changes effective June 1.

Health and Wellness – Jim Moffitt, committee member

  • Now providing the community with Covid reports every other week instead of weekly.
  • Jefferson County case rate for April 5 is 71 per 100,000 which is in the moderate risk range.

More Info

  • This summary has been edited for readability.
  • Next Board Meeting: Thursday, May 5, at 3 pm, Bay View Room at Beach Club
  • Next workshop: Tuesday, May 17, at 3 pm, Gallery Room at Beach Club