PLVC Board Meeting Summary

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

At the March 3 Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Board Meeting the following reports were given:

Port Ludlow Associates, Diana Smeland, President

  • Real Estate: window supply chain issues continue slowing down buildings by 30 days.
  • Fireside: dinner theme for March is Fresh Catch.
  • Golf: at the Seattle Golf Show this weekend.
  • Marina: nothing yet from Corps of Engineers about permit. Go by the Marina for free popcorn and peruse all the nice gift ideas.
  • Office Park: Still have 900 square feet of space available.

Jefferson County, Greg Brotherton, County Commissioner, District 3

  • MERUs: the county has been delayed in updating this report. Will send President Moffitt the link when the report is posted on the county website. Fundamental questions on how these are calculated are being reanalyzed.
  • Covid: Omicron variant continues in Jefferson County. County is going to cancel the mask and vaccine requirements, effec- tive March 11. Encourage everyone to still wear KN95s. Fatalities due to Covid are at 256 per 100,000 in America, 133 per 100,000 in Washington State, and 72 per 100,000 in Jefferson County.
  • Recently attended Port Ludlow Drainage District meeting following complaints of storm- water collection problems in Ludlow Cove development. Continue to investigate this issue; if county caused the problem, they will fix it.
  • Andy Cooper Road: recently chip sealed and raised the speed limit. Residents feel the speed limit should be lowered.
  • County Administrator: restarting new search process to fill this position, currently have an interim Administrator.
  • Jefferson Transit: direct bus route to Kingston Ferry Terminal and ferry to Seattle. This is the first transit express offered since the 1980s, encourages others to try it.

Jefferson County PUD, Dan Toepper – PUD Commissioner, District 3

  • Recently received $10.7 million grant from the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA). Will supply telecommunications from Highway 101 to Quilcene. Will be some matching funds. This will cover 3200 customers, or 15 percent of customer base. Now up to $24 million in grants received this year.
  • Water meters: PUD moving forward on distribution of Smart Meters. There is an opt-out option. Will borrow $4 million from the federal government at low interest rate for the roll out of this program.
  • Meetings: PUD would like to move to hybrid in-person and zoom meetings. This PLVC meeting will conflict with live PUD meetings, will send updates to President Moffitt.
  • PUD building: will probably reopen to the public. Have had some cyber and physical security audits on their systems, a few items need to be tightened up.
  • Employment: Six to eight positions open, all listed on website. Offering incentives to new employees, more infor- mation on website. Citizen Advisory Board (CAB): is now full (nine members), one new member from Brinnon/ Quilcene area, two from District 2.

PLVC Committee Reports

Community Open House committee – Tamra McDearmid, Liaison

  • Have held several preliminary meetings about the possibility of having event this summer.
  • Met with Brian Belmont, Beach Club General Manager to discuss. He suggests keeping it the same as years past with social, service and sport club organizations, some Port Ludlow businesses represented and offer free refreshments.
  • Also met with Vickie Norris and Allison Leonard, members of SBCA Activity committee. They are interested in collaboration and would like to expand the offerings to county non-profits. Lengthen the event, perhaps 2–6 pm. Suggest using food trucks in the parking lot instead of free food.
  • Brian Belmont suggested a county non-profit Volunteer Fair could be a stand-alone event.
  • Recently received information on the 2020 event (planned but unable to hold due to Covid restrictions).
  • Will be contacting these volunteers for a meeting on March 11. At that point will determine if this summer is a go or plan for next year.

Holiday Lights committee – Dave McDearmid, Chair

  • The Holiday Lights came down for the season on Friday, February 25. Thanks to our crew of volunteers including John Goldwood, Paul Hinton, Doug Huber, Spencer McPherson, Jim Mueller and Jeff Sarantopulos for their support on a cold morning.
  • With three Astound (WAVE Broadband) bucket trucks and crew, and Lakeside Industries traffic control both donating their services, we took the road at 9:00 a.m. and were finished by 11:30 a.m.
  • Tasks before the lights are reinstalled in November for the 2022-2023 season include: (1) testing the condition of all the lights removed; (2) replacing the GFCI outlets in our distribution lines with standard weather-resistant outlets; (3) consulting with the Kingston Holiday Lights volun- teers and 7 Cedars to determine if there are means to make our display more resistant to outages caused by weather events; and (4) replacing our new signs, one of which was lost when a car ran over it, so they refer to Astound instead of WAVE as appropriate.
  • Regarding the light pole that was struck by a car, have spoken with Matt Stewart, Road Maintenance Superintendent with the County Department of Public Works. They are working with Double D Electric to contact the original supplier to determine if replacement parts can be found or manufactured. It will not be a quick process.
  • The County’s General Permit allowing our use of the islands and trees is good through the 2023-2024 season after which we will apply for a new five-year permit.

Local 20/20 update – Kim Moffitt, Liaison

  • Styrofoam recycling on February 22, went great. Very helpful and efficient crew, many contributors.
  • Wonders about having other recycling opportunities in Port Ludlow, such as the Repair Café, or recycling tires (both now happening in Port Townsend).
  • Encourages everyone to sign up for the Local 20/20 weekly newsletter at It is full of information about events happening in Jefferson County. Examples are events on gardening, climate change, healthcare.
  • Good events for the LMC and SBCA to list in their newsletters.

Next Board Meeting:

Thursday, April 7 at 3 p.m. Main Auditorium at Bay Club. Please note the time change. This is planned as an in-person meeting.

This summary annotated for readability. Full PLVC minutes may be found on the website