PLVC Annual Members Meeting

by Tamra McDearmid, Secretary

October 7, 2021, marked the twenty-second Annual Member’s Meeting of the Port Ludlow Village Council. At this meeting, the following reports were given:

Year in Review

Each October, the Board presents to its membership the highlights of the past year’s committee activities. Via a power point presentation, the chairs of the following committees highlighted their activities and responsibilities:

Administration—Tamra McDearmid; Communication—Mike Towner; Community Development—Dave McDearmid; Emergency Management—Bill Dean; Health & Wellness—Chris Dean; Utilities/PUD/Recycling—Robert Chanpong; Maritime—Phil Otness; Trails—Larry Scott; and Transportation Safety—Allan Kiesler.

Honor Roll of Volunteers

The board acknowledged the efforts of more than 140 volunteers who had helped with programs and projects during the year. Many of these volunteers had supported the Village Council’s objectives over a number of years and often in several capacities. The Honor Roll can be viewed on the website.

Stakeholder’s Reports

The following individuals gave year-end reports for these agencies:

Greg Brotherton, JeffCo Commissioner, District 3; Dan Toepper, PUD Commissioner, District 3: Diana Smeland, Port Ludlow Associates, President.

For complete details of these presentations, please visit our website:

Election Process and Results

There were three positions to be filled on the Board and the four candidates running for two-year terms were introduced. Two candidates, Paul Hinton and Jim Moffitt, were running for re-election whereas Jane Holmes and Ken Sondergard wished to serve for the first time. The following individuals were elected to the board: Paul Hinton (415 votes), Jim Moffitt (373 votes), Jane Holmes (345 votes). These three people will serve 2-year terms.

Due to a recent board resignation, Ken Sondergard (284 votes) has also been elected to serve a 1-year term. The Council received 478 total ballots, representing a 21 percent increase over last year.

President’s Message

“My name is Jim Moffitt and I have had the pleasure of being board president of the Port Ludlow Village Council this year. The Village Council is here to Protect, Preserve, Promote, and Unify, but our main focus is always to serve you in our community.

Very few would have thought that we would still be facing the challenges that carried over from 2020. All of this did not slow our committees and volunteers down. If anything, they seemed more passionate than ever about their work. Our committees were ever vigilant this year, keeping the community informed about the Covid-19 situation in JeffCo, our Village Tree lighting took place, and our Holiday Lights shined brighter than ever. Our Trails looked magnificent this year. This must have been a record year for residents and visitors blazing the miles of maintained trails. 

We also had record numbers of boaters and visitors enjoy Port Ludlow Bay this year. And our roadways near the village center seem to be a wee bit safer for people driving, walking, and biking due to the speed limit reduction.

Our Volunteers: none of what the PLVC and its committees accomplished in 2021 would be possible without you. These are an outstanding group of people who donated their time, talent, and resources.

Financially, our revenue stream has faced a challenging year due to circumstances related to the Covid-19 protocols. We continue to rely on the generous donations from you. I am honored to serve on the Board and work with such a wonderful group.”

NOTE: The Annual Meeting of Voting Members was presented in power point and can be viewed in its entirety at the PLVC website:

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