Staff Bucket List for 2023

Donna Geer

What’s on my bucket list for 2023? I’m going to finish writing that book I expected to complete two months ago, memorize musical notations so I can learn to play the fiddle gathering dust in my closet and maybe learn Spanish by actually reading some of the language books languishing in my office. Maybe I’ll learn to be more tolerant of political views different than mine, though that may take more strength than I can muster!

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Trail Mix

by Larry Scott, Trails Chair

What the heck has Trails been up to lately? Well, admittedly it’s been less than usual during the winter cold. It’s a bit hard to have “Fun Days” when the temperature is in the low 30s and/or the rain is mixing in with low temps. However, a few odds and ends on our To-Do list are being completed. The long-time leaning alder tree (it was caught in another tree’s branch) on the Around the Bay Trail (ABT) between Ebb Tide Court and Anchor Lane is now history.

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