Myron Vogt Volunteer Award

by Barbara Berthiaume, Staff Writer

Myron Vogt was one of the original founders of the Olympic Peninsula Boeing Bluebills. To honor all that he stood for, the PSO Bluebills have established an Annual Myron Vogt Volunteer Award. This award is based on the qualities that Myron demonstrated throughout his leadership over the past 20 years. Myron role-modeled compassion, care, community, and commitment in all that he did. Nominations for this award were accepted by a committee and a vote was taken to select a Bluebills volunteer who best exemplified these qualities.

Award Presentation — December 5th

The recipient of this first award will be announced at the Christmas Giving Luncheon on Monday, December 5, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Bay Club. Bluebill Garry Caven has volunteered to cater the event with a Beef Bourguignon menu.


To attend, respond by email to a2212a|||plvoice|||org|||PSOB Reservation by December 1 and send a check for $15 to the PSO Bluebills at PO Box 65098. As in the past, we are inviting as our guests the agencies who have worked with us over the past year. Please join us for this very meaningful event!