Mission Statement

The Mission of the Port Ludlow Voice is to inform its readers of events
and activities within the Village,
and in close proximity to the Village.

Published monthly by an all-volunteer staff.
We will print news articles that directly affect our residents.
Your input is encouraged.
Submit your special events and news items to either
the North Bay, South Bay, Newseditor or Managing Editor
prior to the 8th of the month preceding the date of the issue

What is The Port Ludlow Voice?

The Port Ludlow Voice was founded in August of 1998 by Ralph Thomas, a relative newcomer to the community, who immediately noted that communication was poor with little or no cross-communication between the North Bay Beach Club members and Bay Club members living in South Bay. Organizers of community-wide activities did not have a way to reach all residents.

When Olympic Property Group conducted a forum to gather input from the community, lack of communication was high on the list. Thomas saw the need and single-handedly founded the publication, frequently funding out of his own pocket until funds were raised.

Changes Over the Years:

Early issues of the Voice contained about 16 pages and were produced by a minimal staff of 3 and upwards to 6 people. Ralph Thomas was the business. As he prepared to resign, it was clear that a team of people was needed to cover all the various tasks he handled. All staff members are volunteers; no one receives a fee of any kind. A 501(c)(4) organization, the Voice is non-profit and dependent upon monthly support from the two Clubs, and the Port Ludlow Village Council (PLVC) Advertising, both retail and classified, is also solicited. Financial statements indicate the Voice operates close to breakeven with printing and postage the major expenses.

Now page count runs up to 36 pages with, over six pages of display advertisements and three pages of classified advertising contribute operating funds. The all-volunteer staff numbers approximately 25 and is guided by Managing Editors. All volunteers produce copy on their personal computers and send it to various editors via email. Proofing is done on-line and the final magazine is uploaded to the printer’s website.

Copy deadlines are the 8th of the month preceding the date of issue. For additional information on the Voice and copy guidelines, contact the Managing Editors. For information on advertising, contact the Display Advertising Manager displayadmanager@plvoice.org or Classified Advertising Manager Classified@plvoice.org, or Web Advertising Manager webad@plvoice.org.

All residents living in or owning property in Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort (MPR) are eligible to receive the Voice free of charge. Homeowners and Snowbirds receiving mail at addresses outside the delivery area or others who wish to subscribe may do so for $36/year or $3.00/issue for partial year subscriptions. Click on the link to send an email to the Subscription Manager with your name and address to start a subscription: subscription@plvoice.org.

In 2014, an on-line version of the Voice was introduced. It contained a copy of the monthly edition in a “portable document format” (Pdf). The online version also contained announcements that were posted immediately instead of waiting for the printed magazine. and contained an archive of all the issues published since the start of the magazine.

In 2021, all the content from the magazine was published on the website. The intent was to complement the magazine, take advantage of the timeliness of web publishing, and to add media content through links in articles and stories, and additional photos and story content.

For more information about Port Ludlow
follow one of the links below:

Port Ludlow Village Council

North Bay’s Ludlow Maintenance Commission

South Bay Community Association

Port Ludlow Associates

National and State Legislator Contacts:

Sen. Maria Cantwell, Email via website cantwell.senate.gov

Sen. Patty Murray, Email via website murray.senate.gov

Rep. Derek Kilmer, Email via website kilmer.house.gov 

Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, vandewegkevin@leg.wa.gov

Rep. Steve Tharinger, tharingersteve@leg.wa.gov

Sen. Jim Hargrove, hargrovejim@leg.wa.gov

Legislators may also be contacted by calling the Legislative Hotline,
800-562-6000, 8:00-4:30 p.m.,
Monday through Friday (closed on holidays).

Other Important Contacts:

Port Ludlow Weather

Washington State

Washington State Ferries

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Library