Meet Your Firefighters“

by Ron Dawson, Guest Writer

Justin Clouse

Meet Justin Clouse, Battalion Chief, paramedic, and firefighter for East Jefferson Fire Rescue. He has been a Battalion Chief for 18 months. He is also the test control officer in the certification process for new firefighters. Additionally, he is certified as a fire mechanic, which supports the maintenance of the fire engines, pumps, and other equipment.

A resident of Port Townsend, he has been in the fire service for 25 years, starting as a volunteer in Port Townsend, then becoming a resident firefighter in Kingston in North Kitsap Fire and Rescue before going to East Jefferson Fire Rescue. He decided to become a firefighter when he won a coloring contest as a kindergartner and was rewarded with a ride on a firetruck and a night at the fire station. He was hooked at a young age!

His family is from Port Townsend, where there are four generations on his mother’s side and five generations on his father’s side. Justin is single and has a very busy life with his interests. He collects antique firetrucks, runs a farm, cuts hay in Port Townsend, and has been involved with the county fair for 30 years. He runs the cow barn there as the superintendent. He likes to ski and likes the outdoors, and he also camps and enjoys boating.

The thing he likes best about his job is interfacing with people and that every call is different. The hardest part is dealing with awful and distressing situations. He tries to separate what he sees with focused professionalism to handle those moments. He likes his present assignment. He finds it very rewarding working with kids and showing them the equipment and the fire station.

Many people do not know he was an Eagle Scout and worked with younger boys to give them outdoor experiences.

Justin is an interesting person who leads a very full life.