Let’s Get Ready

by Jay Bakst, Port Ludlow Great Washington Shakeout Coordinator

Great Washington Shakeout
Thursday, Oct 20th

Are you prepared? While we live in an area subject to earthquakes, the past couple of years have shown us that other disasters can strike at any time. We in Port Ludlow can be subject to a major fire or flood or be cut off from the outside world. To be prepared, the Village Council Emergency Management Team (EM) and your Block Captains, along with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management, will be participating in the Great Washington Shakeout on October 20. Are you willing to join us? We could use your help.

How can you participate? The members of the EM team will be testing communication with the coordinating agencies. The first step is hearing from you, the members of Port Ludlow community. Your Block Captains may be getting in touch with you to ask you to take part in the exercise and give you an OK/TEST sign. On the day of the Shakeout, at 10:20 a.m., after you Drop, Cover, and Hold On, put the sign out somewhere where it is visible from the street. Your Block Captain can explain what else you could do. If you do not have a Block Captain, go to the website in the Shake Out logo above.

All of us can use the event to check on some basic emergency preparation: Find where to turn off the propane and water to your house, check that you have sufficient water, one gallon per day per person, to last 30 days, review where your family and neighborhood meeting places are, and be sure that your go bag is stocked and under your bed.

We encourage all to participate. You can contact your block captain or email Jay Bakst at a2210b|||plvoice|||org|||Shakeout Info