League of Women Voters Releases Videos for Office-Seekers

The League of Women Voters of Jefferson County (LWVJC) has posted three informational videos about running for, and serving in, public office. These videos, composed of questions and answers with city and county officials, were conducted via Zoom and are available for viewing at lwvwa.org/Jefferson. Transcripts of the interviews are also available at the web site.

The videos are designed to encourage potential candidates for public office by providing a clear sense of what’s involved in campaigning and what’s expected of office holders.

In keeping with the LWVJC mandate to remain nonpartisan, President Angela Gyurko interviewed only office holders who are not up for re-election in the next calendar year. They include Port of Port Townsend Commissioners Pam Petranek (District 1) and Bill Putney (District 2), who has announced he will not seek re-election. In addition, Kristina Mayer and Nathanael O’Hara of the Chimacum and Port Townsend School Boards, and Monica MickHager and David Faber of the Port Townsend City Council offered their expertise. 

Because open-meeting regulations don’t allow the discussion of any past, current, or future issues that the officials might be called upon to address during their time in office, the videos focus on the process of running a campaign and the day-to-day requirements of serving. Questioning begins with how long officials have been in office, why they decided to run, their campaign strategies, and the financial costs of campaigning. Then the focus turns to the amount of time required and most significant obligations, expectations vs. realities, and advice for potential office-seekers.  

The videos end by reminding viewers of Washington’s week-long period in mid-May when they can file as candidates for office. The videos also provide the county web site address where complete filing information is available. The LWVJC encourages all citizens with an interest in public office to consider filing as a candidate and welcomes any questions or suggestions for other informational and educational efforts. Please contact lwvjeffcowa@gmail.com.