Innovative Options at Chimacum School

The Focus Program at Chimacum Junior/Senior High School is an opportunity for students to do individualized coursework in almost any subject they choose. Different teachers have a period in the school day to support groups of students in a classroom setting while each student works through their own online curriculum using an innovative platform called Edgenuity.

The interactive Edgenuity courses can be used for credit recovery, self-paced coursework, remedial learning, accelerated learning (such as Advanced Placement), or courses that are hard to offer in a small school. Examples of the myriad elective and required classes include Law Enforcement, Construction Management, Psychology, Biology, Health, Business Ethics, and Personal Finance. “The program allows for students to take elective classes that they wouldn’t be able to take in a normal school setting,” said Chimacum teacher Tony Haddenham. He added, “I like the fact that I can check any of my student’s progress anytime.”

Joey Rodriquez, a Chimacum senior, said, “I like the Focus program because it gives me an opportunity to work at a faster pace to complete the work needed to finish my classes so I can graduate on time.”

In addition to the in-classroom online Focus Program, Chimacum Junior/Senior High offers the remote-learning Pi platform, as well as other flexible programs for customizing educational needs. For more information, see CJSHS Website