In-Person Smart Driver Course on Hold Until September

AARP has announced that all sponsored in-person events and activities nationwide have been cancelled through September 1. This decision includes the Smart Driver classes, which are typically held at the Beach Club. There is a remote possibility that this policy could change. If that happens, you will be notified through another Voice announcement. Restarting the Smart Driver course in Port Ludlow is also dependent upon the reopening of the Beach Club, for which there is no projection at the time of this writing.

Those who wish to take the course this year, especially if you need to renew your automobile insurance discount, can take the AARP Smart Driver online course as an alternative. The web site is When signing up, the promo code for any available discount is DRIVINGSKILLS. If you try the online course, please call course instructor Russ Henry at 360-437-2250 to give him your feedback. In addition, if you would like to become a Smart Driver instructor, please contact Russ Henry for application information.