Harold Nelson is PLAL Guest Speaker

by Patricia Webber, Guest Writer

Ruby Beach and Destruction Island
“Marthasburgh Across The Water”
by Harold Nelson

The Port Ludlow Art League is delighted to present Harold Nelson as our online guest speaker on Wednesday, May 18, at 1 pm. This program features a conversation with Harold, examples of his work, and insights into his process, methods, and materials.

Harold Nelson’s extraordinary collages begin with pieces of magazine paper, and then progressively incorporate smaller bits of paper with a matte gel adhesive. His process is gradual, intuitive, and improvisational, resulting in dynamic, intriguing, and lively works of art.

The challenge of each collage is to assemble the elements into a cohesive piece. Vibrant color is very important to Harold, so he makes sure the colors are balanced and harmonious. As a result, each collage is packed with enough visual interest to be enjoyed every time it’s viewed.

Port Ludlow Art League members and guests are welcome to attend Harold’s presentation using Zoom on Wednesday, May 18, at 1 pm. If guests are interested in attending, please send an email to a2112|||plvoice|||org|||subject by May 16.