Get Involved in Local Community Resilience and Sustainability with Local 20/20

by Cindy Jayne, Guest Writer

Are you curious to learn more about what is happening in Jefferson County to become more resilient to future chal- lenges, whether from extreme weather patterns or from other types of emergencies? Are you interested in how we might be more sustainable in our use of resources? Perhaps you have attended an emergency preparedness event in your Port Ludlow neighborhood, part of the effort to prepare us for a variety of possible hazards, some climate related and some not. Local 20/20 coordinated that effort. We are an all-volunteer nonprofit focused on Jefferson County with a mission of “Working together to foster a regenera- tive, sustainable, resilient and compassionate community in Jefferson County through both action and education.”

Transition Towns

Local 20/20 was formed in 2006. In 2012, it joined the international Transition Town network, a grassroots network of communities that are reimagining and rebuilding our future, moving away from dependence on fossil fuels toward local resilience. Transition Towns exist in over 50 countries and 1,200 cities worldwide, including over 160 towns here in the United States. See for more information.

Neighborhood Preparedness

Local 20 20 Picnic

The action and education part of Local 20/20 often happens through its action groups, such as Neighborhood Preparedness (NPREP), where over 150+ neighborhoods across Jefferson County have been self-organized to improve neighborhood preparedness. That action group also launched the All-County Picnic and continues to help plan it.

Beyond Waste

Repairing a Lamp
Repair Café
by Mindy Dwyer

Another action group is Beyond Waste, where waste reduction opportunities are explored including food waste composting, recycling, etc. The group participates in a project that is running repair cafés. Repair cafés are free community events where individuals can bring their broken belongings to be repaired by local volunteers who possess a range of skills and knowledge. These repairs can vary from sewing a ripped sleeve to rewiring a floor lamp or figuring out why the suction from your vacuum has suddenly stopped. One of the accompanying photos is from the first repair café in Jefferson County in 2020, with over 125 people in attendance—Local 20/20 was a co-sponsor.

Transportation Lab Action Group

The Transportation Lab action group advocates for transit opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases, as well as educating and advocating for more non-motorized transportation infrastructure.

Climate Action Group

King Tide

The Climate action group does a variety of outreach, including monitoring and photographing king tides so we can better understand how vulnerable we are to sea level rise. The group is also a partner in the monthly Climate on Tap series, along with Jefferson County Public Health and Finnriver Farm and Cidery, which holds community conversations on various aspects of climate change.

The group works to understand and share how we can best prepare for climate impacts and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and provides input to the city and county on plan- ning documents regarding both climate impacts and emission reduction opportunities. One of its current projects is part- nering with a variety of organizations to plan a Car Free Day in Jefferson County on Wednesday, June 1. Car Free Day

Health and Wellness Action Group

The Health and Wellness action group meets monthly to share ideas, educate on issues, and review data such as the community health report, hospital debt collections numbers, women’s health rights, and Recovery Café progress. The Local Food action group has spawned a variety of initiatives that have launched from Local 20/20, including community gardens, the Quimper Community Harvest project (where literally tons of food has been harvested and shared with local food banks), the Blue Heron Orchard, and more. The group recently led an Eat Local program, and the Local 20/20 Food webpages are a current resource list of all the Jefferson County Farms, farm stands, and CSAs. It is updated regularly as folks share new information with us. If you know of any we are missing, let us know!

In the early part of the Covid-19 pandemic, Local 20/20 partnered with a variety of local organizations to provide a central web resource on Covid, including both links to key health information sites as well as a central list of local food sources, leveraging our local food pages. Our community-wide survey early in the pandemic gathered the community’s concerns and hopes for the future during that unusual time, and the results from 170 residents were compiled into a Visioning Report. This survey was part of how we got better connected with Port Ludlow and resulted in identifying the need for an article like this to share more information about Local 20/20.

More Info

Local 20/20 has been an incubator for a variety of projects that have then spun off into separate organizations, such as the Local Investing Opportunities Network, which creates opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits, and citizens to network. Additionally, it has hosted a variety of community-wide events such as film showings, Transition Town trainings, etc.

Our weekly announcements of community events related to sustainability and resiliency go out to over 1,300 residents. You can sign up at Event Announcements

Local 20/20 is active throughout East Jefferson County. If you have ideas for other projects or educational opportunities related to local sustainability and resiliency and want to learn more or get involved, go to, or sign up for our weekly community announcements, which include events and notices from Local 20/20 as well as other local organizations consistent with our mission. You can also contact us directly at Contact Local 20 20