Traveling with Matilda

By Carol Riley, Contributing Writer

A few years ago, my daughter gifted me with Matilda.  Matilda is a French hen with a lust for travel. Luckily I, too, have a love of travel and was only too happy to have a charming, intelligent—and silent—traveling companion.  Our first adventure actually began with a trip to Port Ludlow.  We were living in the Bay Area of California and a friend of a friend had told us what a wonderful community they were living in after retiring—Port Ludlow, Washington.  We were planning a trip to Yellowstone and decided we would visit friends in Oregon, check out Port Ludlow, and then wend our way to Yellowstone.  Matilda was thrilled at the prospect of seeing the country. I quickly learned that she loved riding in the car, although she preferred to ride up front with me.

On our drive from Yellowstone to our home in Springdale, UT, we visited the Museum of Clean in Pocatello Idaho. I have never seen Matilda so excited about a museum trip. She felt right at home.

Our next trip took us to Sonoma where Matilda loved staying at the B&B. There is nothing like sitting on the hearth with a good book after a long day of wine tasting.

While we drove along the beautiful Sonoma countryside, we came across a gentleman selling metal art along the road. There was no hope of moving on without making a purchase once Matilda spied a traveling companion for her – a charming red metal hen.  Oh well, there is always room for one more.

Once we moved to Port Ludlow, Matilda had to settle for trips closer to home.  One of her favorites is Hama Hama Oyster Saloon, where since she doesn’t have to drive, she often likes a beer with her oysters. She also loves trips to get coffee – wait until she hears about God Bless Coffee.

The big February snowstorm of 2019 was quite a surprise to Matilda, but like the gutsy girl she is she just bundled up and helped to shovel the deck.

Sad to say, covid-19 has really put a crimp in our travel plans so now a cup of coffee on the porch will have to do until we can hit the road once again.