by Mary Ronen, Editorial Staff

Today, I am feeling somewhat optimistic. It has been warmer and sunnier, yet not too hot as to be uncomfort- able—we finally could be heading into summer. While warmer and drier conditions are much appreciated, caution is in order as there are still the threats of possible wildfires.

The August Voice is packed cover to cover with something for everyone. Learn about some fun things to do here at home and nearby, such as local art fairs and exhibits, and concerts (some free). The library offers discussions and a book sale. You can go hiking (see the Sports and Recreation section for more information). Carol Riley wrote about dining at Spirits Bar & Grill at the Old Alcohol Plant in Port Hadlock.

Look for information on the upcoming Community Opportunity Fair, a chance to meet representatives from Port Ludlow clubs and organizations. There will be entertainment, raffles, and more.

As I am putting this issue of the Voice together, I am encouraged to see that more and more organizations are coming back with folks beginning to meet in person. At the same time, I know these clubs and organizations rely on volunteers to do the work. Many of our volunteers have moved away, and some have passed away. I would like to mention some whom I personally knew and who were exceptional and invaluable to our community. One was Bernie Kestler, a member of the Port Ludlow Computer Club (recently known as DigitalLife). Bernie taught beginner computer courses through the club for almost two decades on a pro-bono basis benefiting more than 800 local students, myself included. Jack Randall was one of the founders of the Olympic Peninsula Bluebills. Bob Reasoner was another dedicated volunteer with the Bluebills in his work with the STEM program. He singlehandedly raised money for every eighth grader in Jefferson County to spend a day at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

As I reflect on the contributions of these volunteers and the countless others who keep our community vibrant, I do wonder who will step up to help keep Port Ludlow moving forward. The Number One concern of every organization I talk to is how difficult it is to attract volunteers. Please think about the things you love about this community and find a way to share your time and talents to ensure we not only hold on to them but make them better.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the Voice. It is my pleasure to work with our dedicated volunteer staff in putting it together for you.