by Mary Ronen, Staff Writer

April Showers! Ah, yes – they bring spring flowers. Maybe warmer temperatures? We can only hope.

In the meantime, our area seems to be slowly awakening from its bad pandemic dream. As this issue of the Port Ludlow Voice went to press, the medical community was expressing cautious optimism while reminding us that we are not “out of the woods yet.” But local organizations are providing plenty to do, watch, attend, enjoy, and appreciate. Offerings range from house tours and book discussions to photography and technology meet-ups, to church services and presentations designed to keep you informed and/or safe.

I want to bring your attention to this month’s cover, just in case you didn’t take a close look at it. The photo was taken by our Photo Editor, Steve Deligan. I asked him to tell us the story behind the picture. He said, “Back in 2011 we were living on a horse farm in Poulsbo. That July we found our cat with a baby robin that had been, we assume, ejected from the nest. It only had pin feathers and what looked like a broken leg. It wasn’t a fledgling. We took it in and put her in a shoebox with some towels. To try to keep her alive we fed her soft scrambled eggs and water. Amazingly enough, the little thing lived. For nine extraordinary years, she ruled our house and our lives until passing away in 2020. We were so fortunate to have this little runt be part of our lives for so long. Her leg was never right but she got around. She had a huge parrot cage to sleep in and would be out to fly around the house at least once a day until she got tired and flew home. She ate with us, sat on us, especially while we napped on the couch, and she scolded the cats into submis- sion. From the start she was a very sassy bird, so that became her name. This picture is a portrait of Sassy. I hope it brings you happiness as we enter spring.”

And it is my hope that you enjoy this issue of the Voice.